White Tiger Linocut Printing BY: Keilyn o'Gara

Design Challenge: Make a linocut print of an endangered animal

Assignment Goal:To be able to use line and texture to make a linocut

Assignment Parameters:Must save and use resource photos, mush choose and endangered animal, lines/shapes must go off the page, must have overlapping shapes.

  • White Tiger:
  • White tigers live in the Tropical Forest and Mangrove Swamps
  • They are going extinct because of illegal hunting and habitat loss

Since we had to pick an endangered animal, I decided to do a white tiger, this was my first sketch that I wanted to do, this was also the sketch that I ended up going off of for my final.

Some feedback that I got on this first print on my practice cut was to add more ink in some areas and carve deeper so the ink won't get into the little cuts.

This was the linoleum cut that I did for the white tiger as my final and I decided to zoom in on the face to add more contrast like in my first sketch.

Some problems that I had with this was getting the right lines since the tool would go off and also when I was almost done with all 10 prints my linoleum started to crack and it almost broke in half, so I had to let it dry and warm it up with the hair dryer so it would not completely fall apart.

This was my final print and it was one of the best ones since the linoleum started to crack, some feedback that I got was to also add more ink since their are some spots that should be black but are white.

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