What is the overall common message?
  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Guidance- How is wisdom attained
  • Refutes the idea of selflessness and agrees that one should enhance their self.
Reflection of the texts
  • Interview: Shouldn't tell someone how to live their life, or decide whether someone is enlightened or not- it is up to the individual to decide.
  • Siddhartha: One cannot be taught wisdom, teachers can only lead students to a certain point at which the student has to learn for themselves
"You can lead a horse to the water, but you can't make him drink" -Anonymous
Connection to the Good Life
  • The Good Life - these readings discuss how to find enlightenment in one's life which is relevant to finding the Good Life.
  • Definition of the Good Life: finding the work/life balance, challenging yourself/personal growth, reaching new heights, discovering and following your values, enlightenment/achievement of life goals.
Connection to the Real Life
  • Outside Sources: Great Gatsby [Tom/Daisy climbing the social ladder but never finding happiness, working for the end goal but not for the journey] and The Fault in Our Stars [understand the small life events can be the most important, travel to Amsterdam to find answers~ after realizing imposing death, answers are not as important as spending time together.]
  • Why? Because the two examples compare and contrast the different paths throughout the readings and their insights to how to live a good life.
  • Discussion Question 1: Did knowing the end have an effect on how to live your life? = Fault in Our Stars ~focus on the smaller pleasures of life, did what made them happy and ignored peoples opinions about them.....
  • Discussion Question 2: Social Comparison Theory & Great Gatsby - does one need to compare oneself to another to follow the right path towards self enlightenment and achievement?


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