The Sun By:peyton messer

This is a neutron star. If a star goes supernova it might create this or a black hole. See, those rays are radiation waves. A noutron star spins so fast that it destroys anything that comes in contact with it. it weighs as much as every car in the united states put together!

After this comes a white dwarf. Or a dead neutronstar. It is rather harmless. It also weighs as much as every car in the United States put together.

This is a star that is being sucked into a black hole. The black hole is sucking the star into it. A black hole is the deadliest thing known to mankind.

This is what a star looks like when it is forming a neutronstar. Like I said in the beginning a neutronstar spins so fast that it is still very deadly and with its radiation rays its can destroy the entire solar system!

This is a super nova. It is exploding and destroying this solar system. After this comes a black hole or a neutronstar.

What is more deadlier? No one knows!

FUN FACT:Did you know that scientists are actually trying to build a space ship that will take us to another solar system so we will survive our star going super nova. The're planning to have it built by 2034.

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