Athena The Goddess Of War By ava rauguth

Athena is the Goddess of war.

Athena's father (Zeus) tricked Athena's mother into turning into a fly because Zeus didn't want to have a child. Once Zeus had bad pains he told Hephaestus to get an ax and chop Zeus's head open. Athena came out of Zeus's head fully grown. Then she started ending wars and saving people in need.

Allusions: Nike means flight and speed, Gorgon means evil people and not good people, Arachne means a spider, Homer means poems.

Gods and Goddess's: Nike the goddess of victory, the character trait I would give Nike is very nice and very friendly. Zeus the father of many gods and heroes, I would say that Zeus is very mean because he didn't want to have a child.

What I learned: From reading about Athena I learned that you can be good at more than one thing and to never give up because when Athena was in a weaving contest with Arachne some people thought she couldn't beat Arachne because Arachne was a spider Athena didn't give up and she still won the contest.

Heroes and Villains: One of the heroes in the story was Perseus because he killed Medusa from turning people into stone, I would say he is smart, daring, and he follows rules. Another hero is Athena because she is always trying to keep people safe and is always trying to stop wars, I would say she is very responsible. One villain in the story is Medusa because she tried to turn people into stone, the character trait I would say she is evil and cruel. I think Athena's character trait is common to Perseus's trait because Perseus follows rules and if your responsible your following the rules or orders.

The part I loved about the myth was when Athena fought with Nike and that Nike and Athena were friends. When Zeus married his cousin really surprised me because I didn't know you could marry people in your family in the myths. I would've had no idea that Athena was associated with the owl. The owl represented wisdom. The owl was a famous symbol for the city of Athens.

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