My Little Sister Thought The Moon Wasn't There!?! By:Mallory Russell

Last night me and my little sister went outside. She looked up and only saw the stars and thought the moon wasn't there! Then she started crying:(

This is what I told her...

Oh Sophia! Don't cry. The moon is in there. Trust me. The moon is at a phase called the new moon phase and you cannot see the new moon phase. The moon is in conjuction with the sun and whenever that happens we cannot see the moon. In about 2 days we should see the moon again. Never worry about it. The moon is our satelite. The earths gravitational pull keeps the moon with us and the sun and moon are just at the pint right now when we cannot see it. Here is my little sisters response.

Oh. That makes a lot more sense now. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. We will see the moon tomorrow! I am so happy!

And that is what my little sister was scared about.


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