Xbox One S over PS4 Pro Why you should choose xbox one's over ps4's

Xbox One S or PS4 Pro. This is a situation that millions of people face every year yet people don’t do their homework one which one is actually better. Now I will convince you that going for an Xbox One S is the right choice over a PS4 Pro. A survey done in Melville Senior High School done across ages 11-17 show that people preferred PS4's 2.5x more than Xbox One's. I think that is absolute rubbish. People have not done research. The following argument are showing that Xbox One S’s use less power which saves you money, Xbox One's have more exclusive games so you can play games that are not on PS4's and Xbox One's are cheaper plus they give about 2 or 3 games free with your purchase.

Xbox One: Minecraft Custom Controller

Did you know that Xbox One S’s use 3x less power than a PS4 Pro. It is proven by that Xbox One’s use around 70 Watts and PS4’s use around 220-250 Watts. On a Xbox One S you could play 12 Hours of Minecraft Non-Stop but without wasting power but on a PS4 Pro you could only play 4 Hours of Minecraft Non-Stop without wasting power. You will also be saving money while having fun playing on your Xbox One. You also have to pay $60/per year which is a reason to save money by buying an Xbox One S. That is why you can spend more time playing exclusive games to Xbox One.

Xbox One: Exclusive Games

Did you know that games exclusive to Xbox One you cannot play on PS4's. Yes, some games like Tomb Raider, Forza, Halo are only able to be played on Xbox One. The are also hundreds of games you can download from the Xbox Store that are exclusive like Cobalt, The Escapists. These games have had amazing review which boosts up sales for Xbox One's. Games exclusive for PS4 are not that popular which makes an excellent reason to buy a Xbox One S. Which is why cheaper prices is easier to buy.

Xbox One S: Packaging Box

Prices, Everyone would like their console to be the cheapest so you can save money. Did you know that for a 500GB Xbox One S you get a free game with the bundle like FIFA 17, Minecraft, Halo, Gears Of War 4 or Battlefield 1. But a PS4 Pro 500GB Console does not give you a free game but still it costs $399. That is basically a rip off but lets see about the 1TB Consoles. For a 1TB Xbox One S you get a free game Forza Horizon 3, Halo, Battlefield 1 or Gears Of War 4. For a PS4 Pro 1TB Console u=you get no games but its starting price is $498 to $550. That is also a rip off. But a for 2TB lets see who wins. A Xbox One S 2TB Console the games you get Gears Of War4 for a price for $599 but without Gears Of War 4 you get the Console for $549. For a PS4 2TB Console, well there isn't one so Xbox One's have more storage options. Gears Of War 4 is worth $120 so I think the $599 is worth it but also with a Limited Edition Red Console.

Xbox One S: Gears Of War 4 2TB Console

As previously mentioned these were the reasons to buy a Xbox One S over a PS4 Pro, It uses less Power which saves money, Xbox One has hundreds of exclusive games which cannot be played on PS4 and Xbox One S's are cheaper and give you 1-3 free games as a bonus. I just cannot think of anything else to say than if I have not convinced you must simply not have the Mental ability to choose the correct Console, I think you need to get your Brain checked. Go to the doctors seriously.

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