Freak the Mighty MAx

Learning Style: Auditory

  1. Characteristics Of Using Auditory In The Classroom
  • Listing to teachers
  • Listing to classmates
  • Listing to instructions
  • Listing to rules

2. Max's Learning Style: Visual

  • Max's learning style is visual because Max cannot read or write , but when he looks at comic books he understands the pictures in the book.

3. My Multiple Intelligence Is Visual


  • Creating art
  • Using graphic organizers
  • Recalling things in mental pictures

Characteristics To Use At School

  • When in geo class, when i look at maps
  • When in tech class, I imagine how things are going to look before I create it
  • When doing my work, I listen to music to make me focus more

4. Max's Multiple Intelligence: Auditory

Max's multiple intelligence is auditory because max always listen to people and that's how he does things. For example In the book when Freak and Max are running from the bullies, Freak has to tell Max where to go and what to do.

5. Braininess: Right Side


-Building things

-Organizing things

-Doing new task

Ways to help with my Brainedness

-On a test, I use my time wisely

-Math word problems

-Keeping my things organize

6.Max's Braininess: Left Brain

Max braininess is his left brain because the right brain uses creative, artistic and musical things and Max is filled with none of that so his stronger brain is his left side. Such as Logical thinking, Analytical and uses languages.


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