Service Only Team Week 5 News

Week 5 Update

  • Issued Service Work: Last week we saw a fall in the % of Service work issued to the team. This impacted Sky Q Service larger than classic. But overall both were down on Wk39 & 38
  • Completions: Service call completions rates for trial period have slightly decreased, when compared to pre trial. These are small loses of less than 0.5% and we are confident they will recover or maintain level.
  • 7 Day Revisits: Still early in the trial to see 30 day Revisits. But as a benchmark we are down 0.7% in regards 7 day Revisits for Sky Q when compared to pre trial.
  • NPS: Again early days in the trial, however early indications are positive for NPS for Sky Q. We are currently +10 up on pre trial. This is a really encouraging sign, that fed back directly from our customers.

Survey Responses

  • Surveys: We had 175 Survey's completed last week, down on previous week by half nearly. We completed as a team 290 Visits. Please all continue to complete a survey on each and every Sky Q Service Visit. A report has been sent, on those not fully taking part here. This is extremely important aspect of the trial.
  • Ethernet: 17% of your visit required an Ethernet connection, down 6% on last week.
  • Call Centre: 17.5 % you have said could have been resolved by a call centre. Again there are some comments and also action codes, which the CS Team would not be able to resolve.
  • Engineer Driven: 37% of visits could have potentially been resolved by the previous engineer. This is down 5% on last week, which is good news. Question: How are we feeding this back to the wider group on common resolutions you are finding?
  • Learnt New: Can we add any Learnt New Ideas to the form on link below please. These are things you have learnt since being on the trial
  • Q Swap: Of the 175 Surveys, 20% of these you told us you replaced a Q Product. With 13% being the Q Main STB.
  • CAT 5 Breakdown: Below table shows of the 17% that required Ethernet. A Booster to a Third Party Router at 7.4% of your visits followed by Q Main - Q Mini and & Q Main to Hub at 4% of the time.

What else is happening?

  • MDU: Check out a must read from the Taps team on MDU work on below link. (MDU Guide)
  • Taps Newsletter: If you haven't had the chance to read yet, please click on below link. A great read, with March update focused on
  1. Text Taps Service: Which allows you to text a member of the Taps team and get an answer quickly.
  2. Sky Master3 Recharge Process: Sharing why it's important we keep our meters safe and protect them from damage.
  3. Digi Meter Reporting: A guide on why and what is required from everyone to ensure the meters are optimised and you gather the right data each visit.
  4. Video: Some new Video content from the Taps team, supporting you in your roles.
  • Open Reach Appointments: From the 11th April customers will be able to run a line test online. From the 24th April, they will also be able to book an Open Reach appointment online for external faults. See more on Iknow2.

Ipad Tethering: This was in last weeks newsletter, but wanted to highlight the importance of not Tethering on any Single Box Q installs, where the customer has or will have no broadband. If a call back is done via Tethering, then the box may look for that option the next time it wants rights to view and it cannot be achieved without a broadband connection. So in these situations, an activation via your ipad, which in turn will use the dish to provide rights.

  • Chatter: Chatter is a great tool to share information, but also a place to go for answers. At time you may find yourselves scratching your head and asking yourselves what more can I do. Have you though of turning to Chatter for support for those such issues? You may be surprised with the help you will receive. Steven House did just that, when one of his customers was missing the X for "watch via Q App" Great work Steven !

Fixes You Found:

  1. Richard Seaton was having trouble with Tile's not loading. After trying lots of the common resolution's, he finally found the customers recording to 99% full. (deleted some recording and hey presto"
  2. Richard Seaton also found on one of his visits a Diplexer behind a faceplate and in the loft a splitter. (after removing these and barrelling cable together, this resolved missing channels.
  3. Unable to view recordings. Place Mini Boxes into standby and set a recording on the Main Box, this should restore lost/missing recording
  4. Chrome App Not Loading: Try using an IP scan, by entering one of the IP addresses from a Q Product. Alternatively try rebooting the hub.
  5. Updating Software 1 of 2: When you see this message, press reset button on rear of box for 30 seconds should recover the box.
  6. My Sky Apps not working, including iknow2 .... Delete Web@work on your ipad and re install. This will resolve the issue.
  7. Broadband Slow: Martyn Heenan had a customer that had only 1meg speed, After doing all the checks he called 03332022159. They got the customers speed up to 11meg within minutes. They may even help organise a BB Tech engineer or Open Reach.
  8. Ryan Walsh had an issue with Broadband and he used Chatter and the Broadband & Talk page to help resolve the customers issues, as shown below. Great work Ryan !

This week we hear from John Walsh (Operational Change Lead). John has been instrumental in pulling this great opportunity together.

How did we end up here?

I wanted to introduce myself, my name is John Walsh, I am part of the Operational Change team and I have been working with Russell, Barry and Mark to plan, develop and implement the Service Only team trial, and I to let you into a little secret, until this change, I have never worked in Home Support before! So this has been a massive learning experience.I wanted to use this opportunity to give you a view of what goes into pulling something like this together.

It all started back in October, Mark Stratford come to our team with an idea, “We could reduce revisit rate for Sky Q if we have a dedicated Service team” Sounds really straight forward, right?Well, what you have to do first is build a proposition (a sales pitch) What do we want to do, How do we want to do it? And what do we think we could achieve? (how much can we improve – the figures – the important bit!)This is where we started to reach out to all of the key areas that support Home Service – Systems support, Planning, Operations (Russell and Barry) Know How, Insights and Analysis (reporting) Incentives… everyone that we could think of.

The plan seemed pretty straight forward, and the proposition was agreed.Once we had our Plan, we needed to get the wheels in motion, we wanted to start the trial before Christmas and time was tight! Insights and Operations (Russell and Barry) began to identify the correct engineers for the trial, Planning had confirmed the number of engineers we needed to cover the demand, and Systems Support started to look at how we could get the right jobs to the right people.We were making great progress, when we hit a hurdle (a major hurdle) we couldn’t separate service jobs and install jobs… and it wasn’t an easy fix! We chased a resolution,, however, we eventually had to do the right thing and delay the trial to post Christmas.

While we were all busy dealing with the Christmas buzz, the Service Support team were pushing for a fix.When we all came back in the New Year, things were looking brighter we, were past the Christmas demand, and we were close to a resolution. We just needed to confirm the date (March 4th) and planning could begin! We needed briefing and training packs designed, eforms, incentives agreed, CAT 5 packs… another endless list of actions. Russell picked up a lot of the work on this, especially with the training, order access, and we were again moving a speed! (cue hurdle 2!) so now we could identify Service visits, but now we couldn’t split Classic and Q and again it would need a system fix. What could we do? We were so close (it was the end of Feb) so we decided to delay by a week, (March 11th) and get the trial started, however, due to the increased number of jobs, we had jumped from 20 engineers to 50 engineers, this led to a lot of calls between myself, Russell and Kevin in planning to make sure we have the right people in the right places.Russell became a master trainer, as he planned and delivered multiple training sessions. And FINALLY we were live!

And that is how we got from A to B. So far things have gone well, and the feedback that we have been getting is vital. I am sure you are already aware, but, there is a lot of focus from across the business on this trial, and its success, so the input, effort and feedback that you all put in will honestly shape what we do going forward.

Keep up the Great work! Regards, John

If you've missed a previous weeks Newsletter then please take a look by clicking below link.

Feedback: We still require feedback from both TM's and Engineers on the trial. Please provide this by clicking on below links.

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