The Setting of "Of Mice and Men" By: Emma Jo, Brenna, Adiana

Chapter One Description: Chapter one of “Of Mice and Men” took place in a cut out in the woods, next to a brook. Lennie, and George were on their way to a ranch, to find work. The cut out in the woods, where they jungled up for the night, was “about a quarter mile.” (Steinbeck 6) from the ranch. Before the two men got to the cut out it was filled with animals of all kinds. But when the loud talking men came stomping in all of the animals scurried away. This is showing that the natural world is wrecked by the world of men.

Chapter Two Description: Chapter two of “Of Mice and Men” started with George and Lennie arriving to the bunkhouse late. The boss was suspicious of the two and was confused as to why Lennie wasn’t talking. When Lennie had started to talk, George was angry and the boss was even more unsure about hiring him. George fixed the situation by saying that Lennie was his cousin and that he had been kicked in the head by a horse when he was younger. They later met the boss’s son, Curley, and he was rude to the two men, especially Lennie. After Curley had left, and old man found his way in the cabin and all three men were talking about Curley and his wife who “has eyes” for certain people. When Lennie and George met Curley’s wife, they also met Slim. Slim has a dog, and the dog had nine puppies, and kept five. Lennie wants Slim’s dogs.

The change in the atmosphere between chapter one and two went from peaceful, to distraction.

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