Florida Museum of Natural History BY tommy townsend

Nature on Display

Butterfly Rainforest Exhibit

The Butterfly Rainforest exhibit was very enjoyable for both entertainment and learning purposes. The butterfly exhibit was the most appealing to me because the interactive set up. It was incredibly fun walking around the miniature rainforest while butterflies were flying all around me. It got really cool when one of the butterflies landed on my hand while it was resting on a rail. The design of the exhibit could not be better because of how interactive it is. You get to see dozens of different kinds of butterflies and see how they act. Many flew around by themselves but a few species would group together and fly in flocks. It was hard to stay focused on one butterfly because there were so many different kinds with beautiful wings that were all different. I learned how butterflies act in their natural environment since usually they are seen in cages or rarely seen in cities. The most enjoyable part about the museum was the exhibits they had. Both the Butterfly Rainforest and the frog exhibit were very fun because of the wide variety of species they had.

Nature and Ethics

Rearing Lab

Although Leopold may have a different interpretation, I agree that we must learn to appreciate land for more than its economic value, and I think my experience at the Florida Museum of Natural History related to that very closely. It is inevitable that nature is slowly being taken over by man but I think it is important to have museums such as the FLMNH to keep many species alive and in a was the public can see. The museum gave us students in the good life class the ability to come visit the museum free of change to witness the beauties of nature they have there. As soon as I walked through the doors I immediately became excited because of my love for nature. The entire museum has a very positive set up to it that makes it enjoyable for all. I visited the museum by myself but by looking at others in the exhibits, they had a fun experience as well as learning a lot about both butterflies and frogs! I could not directly relate to Leopold's ideas because nowadays it is near impossible to keep the world as a "biotic community."

Nature and the Human Spirit

Poison Dart Frog

The mystery and majesty of the Universe is not not noticed in our everyday lives because of many outside distractions but museums such as the FLNHM allow us to step out of our ordinary lives to take notice of what we have. I chose the photo oft his poison dart frog because of its majesty and mystery. It is an animal that has so much beauty but it toxic to touch. The frog exhibit allowed me to understand what we are because I was able to view so many different species that I had no idea even existed. It really makes me feel small to sit back and realize the number of natural wonders there are out there and to not even know they are present in this world.

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