Lionel Andres Messi


Born on June 24, 1987 In Rosario Argentina. Lionel Messi moved to Spain at age 13 teen, to get hormone treatment. It was vary expensive but he was a vary good soccer player so the team of FC Barcelona made him move to Spain to play for them, and they were going to pay for his treatment he was vary close to his grandma and she also loved him she would always take care of him.


What Messi Accomplish was that he has became a professional soccer player. He has 5 ballon d,or he has over 482 goals in his life time In his 10 years(and counting) for Barcelona, Messi has six La Ligas, two Copas Del Rey, and five Supercopas DE EspaƱa, three UEFA Champions Leagues, two UEFA Super Cups and two Club World Cups.He holds the Guinness World Records title for the most goals in a year: 91 goals in 2012.


Messi qualities are That he his a small person, he is also vary fast soccer player, and he can also score easily. He know's how to control the ball real good, Leo Messi also has a great balance witch helps him stay up when he takes all the players. Messi also takes his time to shoot, he waits till the players make a mistake and takes his shoot. Messi also has a great pass witch helps him in tight spaces, when being attacked by multiple players. He also has great strength and he is always aware of his surroundings .


"There is no doubt It is certain that I'll be 100 percent"


Leo Messi Influence hundred and millions of people in the world, of all types of people. He goes to many hospitals and visits kids with cancer and so many other Diseases that the kids have. He influences many people to keep on going and never stop. People will die just to see him play and meet him one day. He also influence people to play soccer he also inspires many soccer players that are famous already.


The reason I chose Leo Messi was because he is just an amazing player. He has so many fans and also has so much respect for his fans. He also is the world's best soccer player. If you go around to the people who watch soccer or people who about it and those who have friends that watch it, they will tell you who Messi is and they will say that he is the world's best soccer player. He is an inspiration to many.


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