My Journey of Fall

Fall is a season that stimulates the eye, the mind and the soul. Colors change. In Minnesota we are blessed with a diverse rainbow of fall colors.

Fall's journey starts on a normal lonely country road. It winds through tunnels of leaves. The mind races but the heart slows as nature overcomes all thoughts and worries.

Places that I would normally pass by is where I now stop. I capture a moment that I can keep for a lifetime. The images I can reflect on for years to come.

I'm on the road again for another journey to find a place to get lost in. What will I find around the next corner?

I find another place to stop. The land goes on forever. The colors are changing. I find a tree full of color that explodes from the rest.

My journey takes me further into the woods. There are birch trees, pine trees and maples. There are shades of green, yellow, gold, orange and red to stimulate the eye as I drive on.

Up on a hill my road ends. I climb to the top by foot. The colors go from east to west and north to south. All I can see is orange and red maple trees with pine trees mixed in. I'm lost.

My journey is not complete. I want to go further. I come upon another place that is filled with golden leaves. I see a grouse along the way and I come across a red fox who was blended into the colors of the fall underbrush.

I know my journey may come to an end soon. I decide to stop and reflect on what I have seen. What could possible top the views that I have seen today. I come to a still lake. The color of the deep blue sky and the white fluffy clouds reflect into the lake. The islands filled with trees are full of color and they too reflect in the water.

I know if I drive further on my journey I can search for more. I come to a place where the rock splits. On top of the cliff I see a lighthouse that guides others that take their journey to the water. The view is spectacular.

As I go further I come to a cliff that provides me with a view that goes for ever. The bays wrap the lake with fall's colors. I know that there is more to my journey. The clouds roll over the horizon and I too must roll on.

Created By
Anthony Kosobud


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