carving by moises .k

What inspired my project was soccer because I love playing it. Back in Africa, where I come from, it is a very popular sport. I searched google to find inspiration for my logo.

I customized my design by puting my name on it. For my design to carve or print well I made sure that the black parts on a soccer ball were filled in with my sharpie. That showed the shape of my ball the best.

It was difficult for me to draw a soccer ball but I practiced and did my best. In order to prepare my tile for carving, I vacuumed the inside of the carvey machine first. Then, I put in my tile all the way to the left, and held it down with prongs.

The carvey machine moves in circles carving my logo. When the machine finished carving, my logo looked beautiful.

My carving turned out exactly how I wanted it to turn out. I am most proud of the shapes that I drew. Next time, I would choose to do the 3D printing instead of carving. The whole project was difficult because I needed to draw, then to make sure the sharpie filled out the shapes perfectly.

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