The Black Death By: Hayden Cotten

The Black Death was a horrible Disease that was back in 10th century. The Black Death which was the plague was spread by fleas, rats, and traders. Those things spread it across the Silk Road and then made it in to Europe and it spread everywhere. They had doctors try to cure for the plague. They were very superstitious. They thought the air had something to do with the plague. So the doctors wore masks that looked like bird beaks. What they did to try to cure was the bloodletting, bloodletting is were they cut you somewhere on your body to let the bad blood get out. That did not work so they blamed God. They thought that God gave them a punishment. They would hurt thereselves to show God that they were sorry. They also blamed the churches because when they would pray they would get no answer back. The plague ruined everything. It killed over 20 million people. Finally the plague ran out because there were no more people to spread it to.

The spreading of the Black Death


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