Death Valley February 2017

by Sonny Portacio

Best viewed in landscape format

These are just a few of the images I captured while teaching a photography workshop in Death Valley, California.

Death Valley is a photogenic landscape of extremes, it's full of textures, color, shapes, lines, subject matter, beautiful vistas and color. A photographer's playground of visual opportunities.


On this workshop, we were able to touch on concepts of: Landscape photography, visual composition, night photography, tripod use techniques, low perspective photography, light painting, sunrise shooting, off camera flash, “SoftBright” light compositing, focus stacking, sunset photography and more.

Death Valley has the lowest point in the continental United States with an elevation of 282 feet below sea level. It also holds the title of being the hottest, DRIEST place in North America ...

The Mindshift Backlight backpack I used was PERFECT for the kind of lightweight adventuring that we did. Here, my gear is in front of some historic charcoal kilns.

... however, our group's experience was unique. During our workshop we experienced more rain and cloud cover than was normal. We we unable able to shoot the moon landscapes we had planned and were prevented from access to certain areas because of the unusual cloud cover and rain. Still, we got some great images.

I enjoy teaching photo workshops, sharing photographic ideas and concepts with the participants while bringing them to imagery that they simply couldn't get back home.

Sonny, Bill, Bari, Joe, Casey, Galena and Simon

All images captured with lightweight, mirrorless camera gear

Created By
Sonny Portacio



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