Fresh and Processed Potato Sells in the UK Hayun Kim

For this project, I researched the number of potatoes that were sold in the UK, in the past 15 years.

These are the data that I collected for the graph.

data of the number of potatoes sold in the UK in the past 15 years

Then I made a graph using these data.


After that I calculated the best fit line for the whole graph.

calculation of the best fit line
best fit line on graph

I grouped the dots in 5, and calculated the best fits of each.

Calculations of the first,second,third line of best fit
3 different best fit lines on graph

These are the table that show the values in each interval.


According to my best fit graph, in 2067, -13.4 fresh and processed potatoes are going to be sold. Since that is not possible, I predict that about 90 potatoes are going to be sold. If we see the graph, we can know that the number of potatoes are overall, decreasing. I think the number of potatoes are going to slightly go up, and down, but overall, I think it'll decrease constantly. Thus, potatoes are going to be sold less, in 2067, than now.

Again according to the best fit graph, in 2112, -105.2 potatoes are going to be sold. That is also impossible, so I predict that about 50 potatoes are going to be sold. If the potatoes don't sell well, a lot of farmers wouldn't plant a lot of potatoes anymore, so this will lead to the increase of the potatoes price. This will be another reason to make people not buy potatoes, so the number of potatoes that are sold is going to decrease.


Trends - Now, there are lots of food that are enjoyable, except for potatoes. In the past, potatoes were cheap and nutritious food for the ones that were poor. Now most of the people have wealth than the past. Thus potatoes are not sold a lot these days.

<The Potato Eaters> by Van Gogh

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