Rhythm and Resistance Mya.l.Stevens

Resistance. Resistance is the refusal to accept something or the act of trying to prevent it. In America and outside, we have many issues ending, starting or occurring and in my poetry I like to make it very dark to show how wrong these issues are. My collection is called Rhythm and Resistance because It’s addressing a variety of issues and making it a little bit easier to understand them. For example, I resist stereotypes by using artwork made by various graffiti artists and songs. I mostly lean towards art work because I feel strongly. It speaks to me the most and gets my words to flow onto paper. When it comes to me then I have to write my words down immediately or else it will be lost, and that would not be good at all. Most of the stereotypes I write about would be around the topic of race, lgbtqa+ community, and religions. I write these poems to get into my readers’ heads, into their thoughts. I want them to understand how I feel about these poems and their meanings because these problems are very real. I feel strongly that if we want world peace we have to learn how to forgive and forget and to learn and accept. Forgive the mistakes we made and do things for the better. Forget and leave things in the past with the mistakes because holding on to these things would do us no good but make us angry, upset, sad, and just annoyed by how long we hold on to these emotions on past events. Learn from others and understand their opinions on things and accept that not everyone will think the same as you. Accept their identity, sexuallity, race, ideas, just accept them for them. Resist the “Norm” and accept the different, accept the change.

There's so much more to resist in our society these days it's ridiculous but my poetry specifically resists this idea of “normal.” My first poem was about the resisting of child soldiers. I chose my first and foremost my favorite to be about child soldiers from the inspiration of the graffiti art, “Child Soldier” From Banksy because it hit me hard. It got me thinking what if my little brother, my little sister, or if my younger siblings were child soldiers. Just the idea made me feel sick thinking of what would happen to them and it’s horrible. This poem “Child Soldier” resists ideas related to violence and war and how we don’t know about these issues happening unless you read an article you found passing by in an app or on a website or found on the news. The line “I don't think I like this type of toy” represents that child soldiers do not want to this in the first place once realising that this is not right. Another thing to notice when I write, I try to get really dark with things, try not to sugar coat these things completely. To get you into the child’s shoes as its fighting someone else’s “war” and more like someone else's problem. My whole theme is to get dark and emotional, and ties my poems together with its darkness because to some a simple problem can be bigger than it seems.

During this project, it really changed my view on poetry in an extreme way because way before I started writing poetry, I used to think of it as a simple hobby for some and sometimes unnecessary until it started to become an easier way to get my emotions and feelings out on paper. I say this because I have anxiety, over emotional and I get really paranoid in some situations. Although I have really bad stage fright I wouldn’t mind presenting some of my poetry as long as there is someone else there with me. I would describe my poetry style as a strange song because when I was younger I would attempt to write songs but that never exactly worked out and so writing poetry is so much easier when you can get a rhythm and once I start it kinda just flows. I have realized that I have a lot on my plate and I do like to bottle things up but I end up just exploding because I can’t help but just boom out with emotion and it can get pretty bad sometimes, so If I have time or a chance, it really helps to just write my feelings.

Scroll down to see my poem "Not a child's Nerf gun inspired by the graffiti "Child soldier" by Banksy

Child Soldier by Banksy

"Not a child's nerf gun"

Flowers and daisies

Dolls and nerf guns

Please sir tell me

What's wrong with this one

They called these early gifts

Even taught us how to use them

Which I thought was peculiar

I used a nerf gun

Though this one was heavier

I filled it up with crayons

Just to have fun

But when they hit others

There’s no color but one

A dark scary red

Screams I thought was joy

Screams I made from this peculiar toy

Scary screams, fading into silence

I didn’t know that I caused this violence

Please take this back to the store

I don’t think I like this kind of toy anymore

More of my poems below

"No trespassing" Banksy

No trespassing from a man in red

High above my shoulders

A sign in bright red

“No trespassing” Screamed as

My mind started to begin

My hands moved swiftly

One spray, look left. Two spray, check right

Took hold of a stranger's hand, and I remembered that night

Flat against the walls, more and more, I grew to understand

“No one owns the land”

And that is very true

If only they had “No trespassing”

Back when the sky was more blue

"Room Ful'A Sistahs" Ernie Barnes

All my sisters

All my sisters gather around

One, six, nine, our presence upon the ground

Laughing, giggling, talking, room filled with sound

Come my sisters, join my sisters, there’s much to be proud

From the vibrant colors of our clothes, to our skin, to our hair

Our laughs and music will bring joy to everyone, everywhere

All my sisters, come my sisters, bring every sister in town

Don’t be mad, don’t be sad, turn that frown upside down

Thank you for your time :)

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Mya Stevens


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