Racism Zach Arteaga

Racism is a belief that one race is above the other and should be treated differently. Racism can be used in ways to hurt others.

  • Racism can be harmful to others in cases of bullying and violence.
  • Bullying can lead to self harm or even more. Racism everywhere and can happen to anyone.
  • Little remarks at school are not meant to be hurtful but people tend to take it offensive.
  • I personally have no experience with it only with jokes.
  • We are all equal in ways there's no reason to be treated different.
  • People are treated differently because they think they're above others.
  • People are judged on their skin, walk, on how they dress and talk
  • Racism is a common factor around the world and affects a lot of people.
  • Racism was a big factor in the olden days and is still used till this day.
  • Racism is very common around the world and is used a lot.
  • Racism can happen to anyone even if your doing nothing wrong.
  • Friend / it should but there's no sight of seeing it end, white people have more privileges than other, no never been affected by racism.
  • Mom / i believe racism should not exist, We were all created by one man and one woman, we were all created equally ans should be treated as such.

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