Impact Report for our Loyal Friends January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019

Our Mission: To forge partnerships and develop innovative programs to reduce animal shelter admissions and end euthanasia as a form of population control.

We have always believed people would act in the best interest of animals when basic services were made accessible and affordable. And wow... people have reinforced this mindset, relying on Iowa Humane Alliance more than ever, creating a demand like never before. What an awesome crazy year!

  • Stacy Dykema, Executive Director
  • Zenley, Executive Dog
  • Pec, Executive Cat

IHA Regional Spay and Neuter Clinic

Friendly and courteous customer service
Services offered to:
  • Pet Parents
  • Shelter and Rescue Organizations
  • Community Cat Caretakers
High-quality, high-volume, low-cost (HQHVLC)
  • Averaged 41 surgeries per day
  • Performed surgery 243 days in 2019
Careful observation of all patients
  • 10,042 spay and neuter surgeries performed in 2019
  • 2301 dogs
  • 7554 cats
  • 179 bunnies
Demonstrating care and compassion
  • 15,778 vaccines administered to 9,194 patients
  • 2,430 microchips inserted
  • 3,940 pediatric spay/neuter surgeries
Exceptional post-surgery instructions
  • 256 patients or 2.5% of patients needed follow-up care
  • Mortality rate of 0.049% during 2019. Comparable to or less than the national average
Low cost vaccine clinics for the general public
Hosted seven vaccine clinics
  • 1,351 animals vaccinated
  • 877 dogs
  • 474 cats

Animal Alliance Network

Designed to facilitate unconditional positive regard among animal welfare organizations, to respect each organizational mission, recognize their strengths and maximize vital resources

Safe Haven and Fur Fun puppies - spayed/neutered and ready for their forever homes
Partners are encouraged to:
  • Benefit from reduced cost services
  • Participate in promotional and fundraising events
  • Exchange progressive ideas to further advance the care of animals
Sunshine and Ray of Iowa City Animal Care and Control in their foster home
  • 44 Shelter and Rescue partners that use our services
  • 2,736 surgery patients are shelter and rescue animals
  • 27% of annual surgeries overall service shelters and rescues
Bobo of Last Hope and one of her puppies
  • Closest Partner is less than one mile from clinic
  • Furthermost Partner is 148 miles from the clinic
Humane Brain Seminar - a day of learning for our Partners
Animal Welfare Tour and Scavenger Hunt - a promotional event to showcase animals in our Partner's care

Love for Pets Program

Providing pet owners in under-served neighborhoods with the resources necessary to keep their pets safe, healthy, happy, and in their home

Cuddling while waiting to receive her microchip

We host two Pet Festivals annually in targeted neighborhoods

Free or reduced cost services offered at Pet Festivals include:
  • Vaccines
  • Microchips
  • General pet supplies
  • Scheduling spay/neuter appointments
  • Transportation on surgery day
  • Pet food provided by Cedar Valley Humane Society
Receiving vaccines at Wellington Heights Pet Festival
  • 165 pets were examined and received services
  • 264 vaccines were provided
  • 23 pets were microchipped
  • 30 families have benefited from monthly outreach days at Wellington Heights Resource Center
  • Serving a total of 120 families through the Love for Pets program
Just wondering what's next
  • 38 pets spayed/neutered as a result of our Pet Festivals
  • 16 were dogs
  • 22 were cats
  • All kittens and intact cats that attended our Pet Festivals are now spayed or neutered
Passing along important information

Spay Iowa Program

State-wide referral program that links individuals and communities to affordable spay/neuter resources within their region

Spay Iowa is maintained and updated by IHA Team Members
  • 17,217 visits to spay-iowa.org in 2019
  • 31 referral programs that clients can be directed to for assistance

Designed to provide individuals with the necessary resources to practice humane effective Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) tactics for community cats

Unloading community cats for surgery
Available resources and hosted events:
  • Humane trap rentals
  • Trapping tips and guidelines
  • Feral Freedom Fest held each October
  • TNR and community cat care presentations
  • DIY outdoor shelter building workshop 
  • Advising municipalities to establish TNR friendly ordinances
McKinley Middle School students make shelters for class project
  • 42% of all cats spayed or neutered were community cats
  • 3,191 community cats were spayed or neutered at our clinic
Community cat perks:
  • Discounted pricing for community cats
  • No appointment required and extended check-in hours
  • Cats receive an eartip and the importance of this is explained
Feral Freedom Fest and Bake Sale at Theisen's

Transport Program

Our van enables us to transport shelter and owned animals from a remote destination to our clinic for surgery and return them back the following day

Early morning check-in at Cedar Bend Humane Society
  • IHA van travels within a 150 mile radius of our clinic
  • Average of 40 animals per trip
Unloading surgery patients from Paws and More Animal Shelter
  • Six regularly scheduled transport partners
  • 5-8 transports per month
  • Assisting with large scale TNR projects for
  • Municipalities
  • Private corporations
  • Shelter partners
Returning spayed and neutered animals back to Warren and Madison Counties
  • Transports shelter and owned animals for surgery
  • 500 shelter animals transported
  • 1,032 owned animals transported

Funding Partners

Four major funding partners subsidized services for animals in need
Funding spay and neuter surgeries for pet owners and community cat caretakers
Funding spay and neuter surgeries specifically for community cats
  • 900 animals helped by our funding partners
  • Funding partners contributed $32,150.00
Numerous privately supported subsidy funds
  • Mary Blount-Mincey Fund
  • Spay It Forward Program
  • Memorial Fund of Mary Braumann
  • Community Cat Fund
  • Jeanne Allbaugh Fund
  • Last Litter Program
  • Jamie Gomez Memorial Fund
  • Johnson County Humane Society OLISH fund
Friends Helping Friends Foundation providing microchips for Cedar Rapid's community cats
Grant awarded funds to subsidize surgery costs
  • Miccio Foundation
  • Animal Relief Foundation Trust
  • Houston Fund for Animals of the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation
Humane Society of the United States grant enabled Team Members to attend Expo 2019 for training

Our volunteers rock

Justin - photographer and dog wrangler at outreach events
  • 62 active volunteers
  • 850 volunteer hours clocked
Ann - provides clinic support and donated humane traps to IHA's ITRAP Program

Volunteers are essential to our success!

Some help by:
  • Baking
  • Vaccine clinics
  • Crafting
  • Clinic support
  • Distributing flyers
  • Fundraising events
Jaynn - #1 pie seller and coordinates donation jars at local businesses
Others contribute through:
  • Photography
  • Board of Directors
  • Outreach events
  • Lawn care
  • Transporting animals
  • Tabling events
Calista - vaccine clinic volunteer and baker extraordinaire

Our Board of Directors

George Hospodarsky

Pamela Agan

Teri Vaassen

Bill Satkamp

Patti Rogers-Engelby

Brynn Sujlin

Supporting Businesses

Thanks to our local business supporters

Our Team Members

Our veterinarians - Jennifer Doll and Sheryl Arensdorf
Administrative Team
Medical Support Team
Transport Team snuggling a SAINT Rescue kitty
Administative Support Team


Demonstrating Transparency
Total of $776,900
Totals $226,900
Totals $324,300
Totals $284,800

Our main priority is to increase surgical capacity to meet our community's needs

Anticipated Surgery Capacity

In order to increase surgical capacity, we must expand our operations

Painting a Brighter Future Together

Comprehensive Campaign

Our goal to raise one million dollars over the next three years will enable us to expand every aspect of our organization in order to achieve our mission: to forge partnerships and develop innovative programs to reduce animal shelter admissions and end euthanasia of healthy animals


Raise Capital to construct a 2,600 square foot addition to our current Regional Spay/Neuter Clinic, increasing our surgical capacity to enable our team to perform 16,000 surgeries annually


Amplify our impact to expand our life-saving programs to serve more remote locations, under-served areas, community cat populations, and implement wellness services for our shelter partners


Guarantee Sustainability to secure a future for Iowa Humane Alliance, the animals they serve, and the people who care for them

Clinic expansion begins
November 2019
November 2019
Clinic Expansion anticipated to be complete by June 2020