Where it all began living life through soccer

This was my first ever soccer jersey given to me by my grandparents from Mexico. It would begin a tradition that i wouldn't learn about until i started to play in higher levels of soccer.

On my birthday i had received yet another jersey from my grandparents showing how much they loved me and they wanted me to have this official soccer jersey of my favorite team Chivas.

As i went on to play in junior high for Los Coyotes Middle school and also for Fullerton Rangers my new club team i would still receive different jerseys of Chivas my soccer team.

As highschool came around soccer was my number one passion. Thats all i could think of just wake up and play soccer. These were my glory years at Sunny Hills high School and it pushed me to do well to play either college ball or even play in a different country.

At just the age of 18 i was on my way to play for the Chivas reserve team in Mexico. the dream had just begun and i still had my life ahead of me to push for excellence.


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