What are Blue Screens?

All devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, television and more release light in the form of blue colour. The reasoning behind this is so that we are able to see these devices in the light of the sun. Light from the sun also contains some blue light.

For this reason, whenever we look at our smartphones or tablets or any electronic device at night, our brain gets confused and starts thinking that they are looking at the sun. So, in response, the brain stops producing melatonin.

What is Melatonin?

Melatonin is a chemical which helps our body in controlling its sleep and wake schedules.

Low melatonin levels can also lead to depression and increased obesity as the blue light messes with hormones in our bodies which control hunger.

To get our bodies the right amount of melatonin, doctors can prescribe melatonin pills, so that we can get our regular sleeping back.

These, in the picture, are Melatonin pills ⇨.

Gradually, it may get really hard for one to fall asleep because neurotoxins can start building up inside you body. This is a type of poison which can cause harm to the nervous system.

This is a chart which states what can happen to our brains because of smartphone light.

Over some time, this can result in a defect in your eyes commonly known as cataracts. This is a condition when the natural lens of your eyes, behind the iris and the pupil becomes cloudy, which disables one from seeing clearly. This can lead to blindness.


On average, teenagers need about 9 hours of sleep every night, but usually, this is not the case. These days, there are many technologies which keep us very busy all the time, but specially before we go to sleep.

Everyone, at one point or another, has had trouble falling asleep. Many times, the cause of this would be watching television, playing video games, or being on your iPhone, iPad or iPod before sleeping. Lastly, it is known that many people suffer from stress, anxiety, and have mood swings even if they miss one night of sleep. If we miss a few nights or a week of sleep, there can be much bigger problems such as in having trouble in focusing on something, being moody, or unccordinated.

How to Put Together a Plan for Sleeping Well?

There are a lot of ways and plans to have a good night sleep. One way you can make sure you sleep well is by getting advice from experts and peers that know more about sleeping. You can also keep a record of every night you sleep and find out/observe the best way to go to sleep. You can experiment yourself on doing different things every night before you go to sleep and create a timeline. Some advice that we can give you is that you should try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time everyday. You shouldn’t sit in one place for more than a hour and be more active. You need to get as much sunlight as possible and you should not eat anything big before you go to sleep. Other than this, it is all based upon your own habits.

Wifi affects sleep a lot. Some things it affects are our cell growth, reduces brain activity, and it’s also a distraction.

Wifi isn’t directly affecting our sleep, but since since blue screens need it, our sleep is becomes affected negatively. Wifi doesn’t just affect our sleep, it also affects many other things such as education because kids tend to play games which need Wifi to be played and not do their homework. Wifi is a huge distraction because of these reasons.

Wifi negatively affects our sleep and it reduces brain activity as well. There was an experiment that was used to see if our brain activity gets reduced and the results weren’t great as the group with the Wifi radiation’s. The group with the Wifi radiation’s brain activity reduced and the people without wifi radiation’s brain activity was normal.

Wifi also negatively affects your cell growth. Wifi doesn’t only affect human cells, it also affects plant cells to. There was an experiment done where they were testing if cell growth was affected by Wifi. In the experiment, they used plants to get answers and they had one plant close to the Wifi radiation and one away from it. The one without the Wifi radiation near it grew and the one that was near the Wifi radiation didn’t grow. Overall, Wifi affects us all negatively and there isn’t anything we can do about it as we use it in our daily life. A life without Wifi is something we can’t imagine, but it brings a lot of negative things and not as much positives.

Dilpreet and Sukhpreet Sleeping In School.

We decided to conduct an experiment in which Guramrit and Balraj would do certain things that day to see if they got good sleep or not.

Guramrit ate terrible food all day and didn't do exercise all day. He also drank a monster and had Mcdonald's at 8 pm as he went to bed at 9. We did an hour difference because the caffeine would crash in 2 hours. This way we would have better results.

Guramrit said his experience was “Terrible” he said, “This was the worst night of sleep he’s had since he was on a plane when he was 11 months old.” He said for the first bit he couldn't sleep whatsoever and was very hyper but then he got an instant crash and had minor chest pains and a head ache. He finally fell asleep somehow and woke up with a migraine and felt extremely off.

This is Guramrit Sleeping.

Balraj ate healthy food throughout the day like nuts, fruits, whole wheat bread, quinoa and also a healthy salad with a booster juice. He also did some exercises throughout the day including playing hockey for his team and basketball with his friends. He ate his last meal 3 hours ahead of bed time.

Balraj said his experience was “fantastic” he said, “ He slept like a baby on a cloud.” Balraj said three hours after reading he went to sleep and once he fell in his bed it was magical and he felt tired because of the exercise. Right when he jumped in his bed and cuddled up he was out like a night and this is because of the exercise he got throughout the day which made him tired which made him sleep better.

We used this link below to email one of the sleep experts about some questions that we had, but unfortunately, we did not get a reply back. If you have any questions, please use this link below so that you can email sleep experts and ask for their advice.

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