José Estrella Digital Design

Lesson 1

App Journal 1

1.-WhatsApp- quick deliveries of messages and calls.

2.-Uber- Requests a driver that will drive up to your destination.

3.-Duolingo- Can teach you a language, it´s easy and you don´t need a particular teacher.

Lesson 2

App Journal 2

An schedule that measuers time from the traffic ina GPS, you set the place and the time in your weekly schedule and the app will remind you with enough time to get to the place just in time.

An app which can auto delete photos that are reapeted, the app will chose the high quality one and it will tell you if you want to delete the repeated photos.

An app that will tell you if there are still seats from a restaurant, the restaurant will update every minute the report of used seats in the restaurant so you don´t spend time going to the restaurant and waiting.

Lesson 3

App Journal 3

The app would be specially for teenagers that just started driving and business people, the app could really help people to manage their time to get to a place or to organize their daily activities.

Lesson 4

App Journal 4

1.-WhatsApp- it´s a simple app easy to use, you don´t need that much knowledge to use it, the interface is simple.

2.-Duolingo- it has a simple interface to understand, it´s easy for elder people to use it.

3.-Uber- it helps a lot but the interfce is no that simple, its´s hard to understand for elder people, it has many steps to follow to ask for a ride.

Lesson 6

App Journal 6

My app will: Remid all of your tasks and activities that you input in the weekly schedule, it will also have a GPS with traffic advisor so the app will remind you with enough time to you to get to your destination as soon as possible to you to save time.

becasue: this app will help many unorganized people to organize all their tasks, and will remind them, the app also will help you to advise what to do with the time left or free time you have.

Lesson 7

App Journal 7

Lesson 8

App Journal 8

Lesson 9

App Journal 9

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