League of legend Moba game

What is League of Legends? Welcome to League of Legends, summoner. Here you'll find all the basic information you need to get set up and hit the Fields of Justice.

New Player Guide : The new player guide will introduce you to the control scheme and core League of Legends gameplay. It will also walk you through the in-game tutorials and your first battles on the Fields of Justice. From competition against the bots to your first head to head experience, the new player guide will help you learn the skills you need to take on other summoners.

For beginners

Beginners Champion : Champion is character in the game a lot of different character so you pick one of 100+ and let play.

GAME CONTROLS League only requires a small number of keys to play with. Namely, three groupings! First off, your mouse with left and right click. Left click is used to select items or targets or drag your inventory around. However, right click is used to attack and move.Then there’s the primary ability keys: Q, W, E, and R. You’ll press those to cast your spells or abilities in game. Also, you have two special summoner spells on D and F.Lastly, the numbers 1-7 correspond to the inventory your champion has in game. If you’ve got something that can be consumed, like a potion, or an item with a special active, press that button to chug that potion or use that active!

Items in the game.

SUMMONER’S RIFT Summoner’s Rift is the primary game mode in League of Legends, and can be played PVP or against bots in Co-op vs. AIPlayers on each team work together with their AI-controlled minions to push down the 3 “lanes” of the map, destroying their opponents’ towers along the wayVictory is achieved by pushing all the way into the enemy base and destroying their NexusYou earn XP and IP for both PVP and Co-op vs. AI matches on Summoner’s Rift

Structures and how to win the game. Turrets, Inhibitors and The Nexus make up the important structures in League of Legends. Defend yours while destroying the enemy’s in order to achieve victory!

My favorite champion is Talon. Talon is very cool and strong he can jump around map and kill enemy.

Blood moon skin

When Pro-player North America play Talon Jungle.

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