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What is edmodo?

Edmodo is a technology tool that enforces communication between teacher and student, student to student, and teacher to parent. Edmodo is a social networking website that is used for educational purposes and to stay connected with students and parents in a safe space regulated by the teacher.This technology tool creates a digital classroom environment for teachers and students to stay connected in an educational setting. Teachers can create groups, post assignments, quizzes, polls, discussions and notes to entire class or specific groups. Teachers can connect with other teachers and administrators to stay contacted and share ideas. Edmodo allows teachers to continuously stay organized by helping with their grade book, each student's progress, student work, etc. It is beneficial for teachers to stay connected with students and parents in a paperless setting.

How to Sign up

Start by clicking on "I am a teacher"

Edmodo Sign up Tutorial Video Below

To Register click the button below

Ways to use edmodo in your classroom

Create Groups

Edmodo allows you to create different groups of your choosing. A teacher can invite specific members to a group by providing them with the "Group Code." Teachers can hold discussions, post assignments, quizzes, polls, etc within specific groups or to the whole class. Creating groups is a great space for children to go look at and see what assignments are due or communicate with fellow classmates on the discussion wall. Creating groups helps a teacher stay organized because all work is confined into specific groups. A teacher is able to recognize if a student uploaded an assignment, participated in discussion, quizzes, etc.

Create A Group

Create Smaller Groups (ex. reading groups, small group activities, etc.)

Edmodo's "Create a Small Group" feature is excellent for differentiation in the classroom.


Small reading groups appropriate for each individual student


Edmodo Notes is a great tool for teachers to post announcements and reminders to all students. Through notes a teacher can post or upload a question, idea, quote, etc. and have student respond to it and have a discussion online. Edmodo provides a map of the conversations and thoughts of students making it easy for a teacher to review and document what each student contributed to the discussion. This feature gives all students the opportunity to participate and take part in the discussion.

A teacher can post a note to the entire class, specific group, individual students, colleagues, and even parents! When communicating one on one it is private- along with if a teacher posts a note in a specific group- only that group can see it.


Edmodo is a great and easy space for teachers to post assignments to students with its title, a brief description and the due date. Teacher's have the option to upload the assignment as well. Students can upload their assignment to the specific assignment folder, making it easy to review and identify who has uploaded their work and who has not. Students are able to see feedback the teacher has given them and comment back to their teacher. Edmodo even has an option "Add to Grade book" automatically adding in students grades and progress for teachers. This option saves teacher's a lot of time!

Edmodo allows you to attach files or attach from your Edmodo Library.


Teachers are able to post quizzes to their students giving them the option to chose the format suitable for that specific quiz or test. Edmodo automatically grades any quiz or test that is multiple choice or fill in the blank. Any open ended questions need to be reviewed by the teacher. For example, a teacher can create a spelling test formatted as fill in the blank- which Edmodo will automatically grade and add to your grade book. It is a great way for teachers to save time and provide immediate feedback to students.

Quizzes are a great way to assess your students at the end of a lesson/ or day. It is easy, quick and helps a teacher prepare for the following lesson.

Click "Create a Quiz to start"


Creating polls is a helpful way to involve students in conversation on Edmodo. A teacher will post a questions and give possible answer choices. Polls are an effective way to start up discussions, voting, assess students, etc. Polls allow each student to participate and is anonymous giving the opportunity to answer honestly and protects their privacy.


With the use of quizzes, discussions, notes, assignments, and polls makes it easy for teachers to assess their students at the end of a lesson/day.

Edmodo features


Snapshot is a free-easy tool that helps prepare your students to master Common Core or other state standards in ELA and Math. Edmodo will personally help you identify what Common Core standards are needed or being used. Snapshot is a micro assessment tool featuring smart quizzes and provides immediate feedback. Snapshot will provide visuals to help a teacher recognize lessons that worked or that need more attention

Snapshot provides real results along with the number of standards assessed & number of students who are meeting, borderline, or behind. Breaks down student performance regarding the standard, along with displaying their questions and answers. This feature saves teachers a tremendous amount of time and documents progress for you.

"It's never been faster or easier to track Common Core student progress." - Edmodo


Edmodo Grade book is an easy tool for teachers to navigate. The Grade Book feature allows teachers to identify which students have turned in assignments and quizzes. Quizzes are automatically graded (multiple choice, true false, fill in the blank) and placed into the grade book. Edmodo wants to do all the work, leaving teachers with more time!

Create/award badges

Badges are a great way to reward students on their progress, participation, attendance, hard work, etc. A teacher can also create their own. Students love to accept badges to show on their personal Edmodo page! This feature motivates students to work hard to earn one!


Edmodo Planner is a helpful tool to keep teachers organized. Teachers can invite students to events they have marked on their calendars to help them remember when assignments and quizzes are due. The use of the planner reminds students with a notification and posts it on their calendar as well. Teachers can set meetings with colleagues-- posting it on their calendar too. A teacher can look at the planner week by week or the entire month. Let Edmodo do the planning and reminding for you!

keep parents involved

Keep parents involved and up to date on how their child is doing. Parents will sign up as "I'm a Parent" provided a code to stay up to date with the upcoming assignments, their child's work, grades, and progress. A parent and child do NOT have the same code. It is important for teachers and parents to stay connected and Edmodo makes that possible.



  • A safe place to share thoughts and ideas, connecting parents and students both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Easy to access and available on any computer
  • Teachers can post resources and share files and ideas with other teachers on Edmodo
  • Quick and easy access to calendars and helps students stay organized and up to date with assignments
  • Keeps parents involved-- allowing them to check up on their child's performance,grades, and upcoming assignments
  • Easy way to assess students, turn in assignments, present quizzes/tests/ polls
  • Snapshot is a great space to recognize student performance aligned with standards
  • Students have a complete description of the expectations of an assignment
  • All discussions and post are monitored by the teacher- teacher can delete any posts that are inappropriate or not relevant to current discussion.
  • Edmodo provides immediate feedback- saving teachers time to teach and less time grading.


  • Students may use Edmodo as a social conversation than academic
  • Some students may not have access to computers at home, which is a disadvantage if an assignment is due online through Edmodo
  • Students may forget their password- forget how to sign on- taking time out of classroom teaching
  • Some schools may not have access to several Ipads, computers, etc. to use Edmodo during class time.
  • If there is no internet router in the classroom- will not be able to access Edmodo site.

Standard alignment


2. Communication and collaboration

Students use digital media and environments to communicate and work collaboratively, including at a distance, to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others. a. Interact, collaborate, and publish with peers, experts, or others employing a variety of digital environments and media

b. Communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats

c. Develop cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with learners of other cultures

d. Contribute to project teams to produce original works or solve problems

Alternative Technology Tools: Schoology, Google Classroom, Blackboard

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