Alexander the Great by: cindy subasic

Alexander the Great's exact birthdate is unknown

Sources say that he was born on the 20th or 21st of July 356 BC in Pella, Macedon.

Alexander was a very successful person with many achievements.

One of the many achievements that Alexander has accomplished is his empire & Hellenism, a combination of Persian, Greek, Indian and Egyptian cultures.

As time passed, Alexander has made his empire one of the most lasting achievements of all time. His empire was one of the most largest empire in the world.

In order for Alexander to make his empire a lasting achievement, he would have win battles which he did; including Persia, Greece and India. That all adds up to Hellenism.

Alexander was also a very smart, and very successful in what he did.

This is King Philip II. King Philip II was a king of Macedonia until he died. After his death, Alexander became the king of Macedonia.

Alexander was 20 when he became the king of Macedonia.

Alexander was once a student of Aristotle, a famous philosopher.

Alexander studied, math, science, astronomy; later he studied medicine and philosophy.

Alexander had impacted society in the past and present.

In the past, Alexander impacted society expanding his empire to become more successful and more important.

Today, Alexander improved the Greek language and the Olympics. The Olympics is an event where people from all around the world play sports for their country.

Overall, Alexander the Great had a fantastic life and still made Hellenism and his empire of the greatest achievement of all time. Hellenism is still one of Alexander's lasting achievement.

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