Post Modern Faces By claSs 7

Once the camera was invented in the 19th Century the artists were completely displaced. The Camera could easily capture what artists sought to do with Art.

Pablo Picasso, also known as the father of Modernism along with George Braque lead other artists to go on a quest to look for new found meaning in Art. They questioned single point perspective in artworks. The objects were analyzed, broken up and reassembled in an abstracted form. This was known as Cubism.

In the aftermath of Modernism a new movement known as “Post Modernism” emerged. While the subject matter of cubist abstraction remained the same. Postmodern Art seemed to juxtapose, recontextualise, layer and produce a kind of hybridity.

The Class 7 students were asked to collect different features from different people in the magazines and use layers of different skin colours and make a face on their own to create their own Postmodern faces.

The results, as you can see are amazing!

Mihira Maini 7A


Saanvi Agrawal 7A

These days almost everyone is donning a mask to protect themselves from the corona virus. These masks are physical masks. However, most of us have been wearing a different invisible mask even before this pandemic started. These masks are the facades, veils and deceptive appearences behind which our real persona is hidden. We are so unsure of ourselves and so insecure about what others would think of us, that we choose to depict ourselves as someone that we are not in reality. We are constantly trying to fit in, be liked and accepted by others.

Sigmund Freud, the most famous psychologist explained very beautifully how our subconscious mind govern and shapes our outward behavior, without the person even realizing it. In this technology age, it is very hard to be our own self as we are constantly being bombarded by the media that tells us what we should be and how we should behave in public. We are living in a society that values superficiality and defines success by material achievements instead of being simply happy and contended.

We should shed all such unreal masks to really enjoy life without any anxiety or fear. This will relieve us of exhaustion of constantly living in an inauthentic life and help us in realizing our true potential. As Oscar Wilde said,” BE YOURSELF, EVERYONE ELSE IS TAKEN”.

Saanvi Agarwal 7A

'Reflect Your Own Pure Self'

Riasat Singh Khosa 7B

When William Shakespeare talked about the seven ages of man, he only referred to the seven acts that human beings play as they go through life. But he did not take into account the facades or masks which humans wear to conceal their true-selves, displaying seven thousand roles in a lifetime.

Integrity which means ‘principled behaviour’ is an important virtue. But many a times, humans follow unethical paths to achieve their goals. They close their ears to the voice of their conscience to fulfil their desires. We succumb to cheating, lying, stealing and other vices. It is in human nature to show the world that we are first-class, but actually we are broken from the inside. For example, on social media we will show that we are hunky-dory in our little world. When our friends do well in business, we congratulate them, but perhaps on the inside, we are burning in jealousy. When a friend asks us for a favour, we either make an excuse or help them only in hope of expecting the favour to be returned in the near future. Humans are peculiar; if someone else does it they call it hypocrisy, and if they do it themselves, then they call it diplomacy. Many people make us believe that they would forever be there for us but eventually as they grow in life and start assessing the utility of their relations, they stop investing time and energy in the ones they feel will not serve them in the future.

It is rightly said that, ‘All facades fall sometime, then the mask comes off, and the real heart is seen’. We should meditate and reflect on how we can eliminate our multiple selves to be our true-selves, which is frank and true hearted, that it could be laid bare in front of the world.

Nawaaz Rana 7D
Areeba 7E

The Masked Mortal

Heeya Bedi 7E

We have become experts at wearing masks, veils and putting on a facade. We humans are like chameleons changing colours and eventually becoming colourless. The question is why do we feel the need for a facade? Why do we have to pretend to be someone else? The reason is that we want the perfect appearance that everyone admires, thus creating an image of ourselves that is completely untrue. However, the real problem is not when you wear a mask, but when the mask tends to wear off.

Sometimes we are charming and sweet and at other times we act contrary to even the normal accepted behaviour. Occasionally we are overly effusive with our friends, while sometimes we don’t even acknowledge their existence. At times we are rude to our elders and sometimes sugar and honey. We fawn over our teachers, while bad-mouthing them behind their back. We change faster than the blink of an eye.

Portraying ourselves in a fake manner is like lighting up a matchstick which can lead to an uncontrollable bush fire destroying our close relationships. This unnatural behaviour has an adverse impact on our mental health leading to depression. Our erratic behaviour pushes people away leaving us with no buddies at all. This impacts our mental well-being. As Berthiaume says, “we all wear masks, and the time comes when we cannot remove them without removing some of our own skin”.

Rivya Singal 7C
Bisman Singh 7D
Kaavya Nayyar 7E
Aanchal 7B
Parisa Gulati 7C
Riyasat Khosa 7B