Muscle cars of america my all time favorite cars By: branden bulik

Muscle cars are what made America great. We as Americans love fast cars. The 60's and 70's produced the most wildest and rarest cars. Just to name off a few well known cars there was the Trans-Am, Oldsmobile 442, Chevelle, GTO, and many more. People today collect these rare cars and there are also some people who use them as everyday vehicles. These beasts are all over TV still today like:

The 1970 Chevelle SS is one of the most collected cars of all time and is my top favorite car.

The 1970 Dodge Challenger is one of the rarest cars. This car was the reaction from the making of the mustang and Camaro.

The 1969 Camaro SS marked the last of the first generations and is arguably the most popular.

This 1977 Trans Am also well known in the movies Smokey and the Bandit. Is a very iconic car that will never be forgotten.

The '71 Cuda had the grille that looked like a Barracuda and this was the only year and with the quad headlights.

The '67 Firebird shares the same body style as its cousin, the Camaro. It also has a slight resemblance to the GTO, but in a much more compact body.

'69 GTO was what people considered the golden years for muscle cars.

'69 Charger or also known as the General Lee is one of the most iconic and known movie cars.

'68 Shelby Mustang has one of the highest iconic status'. Also seen in the movie "The Bullet".

'69 Chevy Impala SS I personally own this car it's been passed down from my dad, to my mom, and now me. This car is a rarity with only 2,455 made.


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