old yeller

summary: Travis finds a dog stealing there meat but little Arliss wanted the dog and the dog helped the family.Then Travis took the dog as his.then yeller ran into some trouble Travis did to chasing hogs. Travis got his leg cut open and yeller got his stomach cut open.mama fixed them up after Travis and her rode a horse and got yeller while Travis had his leg cut.then yeller ran into some trouble again but this time he got in a fight with a wolf.and the end is depressing and sad but has a very good resolution.

Author: Fred Gipson Genre: classic

characteristics: Mama is brave, creative and understanding. Travis is courageous, trustworthy, hardworking, and understanding. old yeller is strong, good, and energetic. Little arlis is gullible, lazy,energetic,crazy, and trouble maker.


Created with images by Pexels - "dog pet nose" • egrego2 - "Zoe"

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