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Start planning your new garden with our unique and creative professional Garden & Landscape Design Team. Autum is the ideal time to start the process so your garden can be ready for spring and 2018.

Many of us have relatively small gardens or perhaps a courtyard style garden, which does not mean you have to be restrictive in your thoughts, ideas and how you will use your garden. It can often be difficult to think outside the norm when you have limited outside space. Coming up with creative and imaginative ideas that allow you to maximise your garden and still use the garden effectively can be a challenge.

With our small garden design service, we can pack a punch into the smallest of gardens or courtyards. No matter how small your garden there is room for design, movement, space, sound, colour and fragrance. With careful planning, we can design your courtyard or small garden into a beautiful space designed for you. All we need is a little inspiration and some careful thought and planning.

Having a small garden does not mean we can’t be creative in the way we think and utilise the space available. It’s all about defining the space and tricking the eye with colour, lighting and maximising the garden to create solutions to seating, storage and a feel of space when area is confined. We create small terrace garden designs without grass to small formal gardens using our knowledge and experience of design solutions for small gardens.

There are several key principles to all garden and landscape design, but when you have a small garden you should look at the following with careful consideration. Your investment should be weighed to ensure you spend a proportion on the best possible materials you can justify. With hard landscaping elements, this will ensure your garden will last without the need for renovation for many years to come.

Different types of materials should be kept to around three. Too many different choices will start to make the garden look crowded and busy.

Small garden design should not exclude planting and by adding colourful displays and structure we improve the garden and allow it to envelop us to its heart. We should include structure such as Buxus (box) and when we combine this with plants such as Nepeta (Cat Mint), Heuchera, Lavender, Agapanthus Echinacea and with so much more we can transform the smallest garden into a wonderful space

Buxus Sempervirens (Box)

For plants, always look for good quality plants rather than retailers or nurseries that have the “ stack em high, sell em cheap” approach.

Think carefully about size, shape and placing of the key areas such the terrace area taking into account where you will sit and enjoy the sun and is the area shady or sunny. In addition, where will we placed key plants such as specimens, small trees, fragrant plants, and of course how many plants you will use within the garden.

A small garden can follow in any style that is symbolic of your home, personality and own style. The range needs careful consideration and can include ideas such as a small contemporary garden design, which does not necessarily mean modern. At its most precise explanation, “contemporary” means the style and design of the moment. Therefore, a small contemporary garden, whether courtyard or with grass is not a style of one thread and you can still use traditional materials such as wood and stone but they are aligned with a contemporary layout

Formal Garden Design is based on symmetry and a balanced style with both elements of hard landscaping and planting geometrically aligned to create structure and defined lines. In small gardens this can be formed around a central feature such as bench, sculpture, or even architectural planting such as Box, a specimen Olive tree or a cloud tree. Formal conjures up images of country estates or large gardens, however with a well constructed Parterre or Herb Garden, the style can fit into the smallest of gardens.

Size does matter, and whether you garden is a small courtyard garden or a small garden it will still need careful planning and creative design to ensure the garden flows and very inch of space is maximised. Once we have considered the options available, we will create a design proposal that detailing the elements discussed that is within the investment expectation and together with a mood board of thoughtful images we will reflect how the garden may look once it has been completed. Within the design proposals we set out the investment expectation and include our fee for designing the garden. Our small garden design costs start at around £800.00 but are often based on 5% to 12% of the build costs. Additionally you can recoup up to 80% of the design costs if we construct the garden for you.

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