The Cat At The Wall By: Kaylie

The Cat At The Wall

By: Deborah Ellis

In the chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4, we meet a girl named Clare. She's a girl who died at 13 years old, and came back as a cat. Now she's a cat who has no TV, and lives in the corner edge of a town named Bethlehem Pennsylvania. Clare hates it there, and there are also these very frisky cats that always chase after her, and try to attack her. But one day when those cats went after her again, she got lucky because she noticed a couple of soldiers trying to burst into a house, and just at the right moment they burst down the door, and Clare ran in. The soldiers were not that interesting, all they did was try to map out where they were, check their surroundings, and try to stay away from Clare. According to Clare, 13 year olds hate waiting, and being a stray cat requires lots of it. Waiting to eat, waiting to get scratched, and basically waiting for people to do something interesting, so she will not get bored. But a couple days later, she heard something underneath the floorboards. Then she knew, there were not just 2 humans in that house, there were 3. 2 were men, and one was a little boy, “But I do not know if I should help him or not, I am just a cat after all” she said.

I did like this piece of writing because I think that Deborah Ellis's books are really inspiring to people because she writes about things that happen in foreign countries, and because I am interested in learning about foreign countries. Also this kind of like a mystery book because of what is happening with the little boy, and I like mystery novels.

One that connection that I made was that Clare was 13 when she died, and I am 13. (Text to Self) Another connection is that this book takes place in Pennsylvania, and another book I have seen also takes place in Pennsylvania. It is called Look Again, by: Lisa Scottoline. (Text to Text)

Some questions I had while I was reading were:

What is the little boys name?

Who will help the boy out from under the floorboards first?

Why did Clare get Fleas, when she never had lice when she was a girl?

Why did the cats start chasing Clare if she was just looking for food?

An interesting passage that I found was when Clare's nose told her something “There were not just 2 humans in that house anymore, there were three.” This was the last thing said before I stopped reading. I found this interesting because books do not really end chapters on cliff hangers (that I know of anyway), also I would like to find out more about if the boy gets out of the floor.

My inference is about Clare. I inference that Clare will do something about the little boy in the floor because in the book it clearly states “So what if a boy wanted to hide, not my problem”. Usually in books this means that later on, the character will help/ do what the sentence said. (Just to make the book more interesting.) I know this because I have read a book called Skateway To Freedom. In that book Josepines family wants to escape their horrible lives, and travel to Canada. They say they were going to travel there, but they had to conquer some obstacles to get there,and they start do doubt themselves, but in the very end of the book they finally do.

I predict that Clare will become good friends with the boy, when the he gets out of the floor because Deborah Eliss's books usually take different turns to make them more interesting to readers. I also predict that the boy will be very scared when he comes up from the floorboards because in a town like that, it would be a little scary coming out from hiding, and into a house taken over by soldiers.

Deborah Ellis

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