GatorWalk For Gator Basketball

Creating an environment where the Florida Gator basketball team and students of the University of Florida have the opportunity to participate in a GatorWalk for the men’s basketball team. This idea is interesting because extra support from the new and prospective students is important for the support of the team.

The GatorWalk will be successful because it benefits the fans and the basketball players. The fans benefit from the GatorWalk because they get to have some experience interacting with the athletes even though it’s only for a second, and hopefully that will be enough incentive to keep them going and be excited about coming to the basketball games. They get a chance to, in some cases, actually meet and talk to the basketball players as they get off the bus and get ready for the game. For some fans, this is the moment of a lifetime. As a fan of Florida Gator basketball, or any basketball team really, you generally don’t get to have any one on one time with the basketball players, because you are in the stands, and they are on the court. The GatorWalk also benefits the basketball players because it gives them confidence. They will see a bunch of people lined up way before the game, just to see them for a minute or two. That instills a lot of confidence and motivation to make them want to play well.

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