You've got a hold on me/ hate how much I love you Smokey robinson and the miracles/ Rihana and Ne-Yo

"I don't like you But I love you Seems that I'm always Thinking of you Though oh, oh, oh, You treat me badly I love you madly You've really got a hold on me You've really got a hold on me, baby". This is the chorus of the song and it is repeated throughout the song. This is saying that he doesn't see why he likes this girl but he is stuck in love with her. As the song goes on he says "you treat me bad babe".
This song is not try to convey any issue, it isn't trying to change the world or make everyone get hype about a certain stance. This is a simple RnB love song that makes you want to grab someone and dance with them. The song is more about personal issues that people can relate to. It's about having someone that is not your type, and someone that you would usually particularly like but you love them. You have a thing for them and you can't leave them alone.
"And I hate how much I love you boy. I can't stand how much I need you, and I hate how much I love you boy. But I just can't let you go and I hate that I love you so." Here Rihanna is talking about how much she loves this person. She hates how much she loves them and how much power they have so much power over her. However, she can't let them go.
This song doesn't have a political, social, or cultural issue. It is more relatable about your personal life when you're in love with someone that's bad for you. This is a simple RnB song that is well put together song. It's a beautiful song and it is really cool because there are two people singing to each other. It's one of those songs that might have two different parts going on at the same time and you would still try to sing both because it's just that catchy and fun.
These two songs do have similarities, one of them is that there are multiple people on each record. "Hate how much I love you" is a Rihanna song that features Ne-Yo, and "You've really got a hold on me" is sung my Smokey Robinson and the Miracles or The Miracles. They are also both RnB songs, however, The Miracles song is a simple piano and other live instruments. While, Rihanna's song has a piano in the beginning but has a beat drop as the song goes on. An obvious similarity between the two songs is that the two song have the same message and meaning. They both are about loving someone that is not good for you and you not being able to leave them.


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