William Shakespeare Life and achievements of the "Greatest dramatist"

William Shakespeare was a man from the 16th century who was widely considered "The World's Greatest Dramatist". He was an actor, and author of plays, poems, etc., who's fame still lives on today.


William Shakespeare was born on April 26, 1564 in Stratford, England. Throughout his childhood he experienced many ups and downs not only personally, but financially. Shakespeare had a total of seven siblings, 4 sisters and 3 brothers. Unfortunately, three of his siblings died during their childhood, two of which died before the age of 1.


Shakespeare was a very quiet and observant child, coming from a modest yet educated family. However, he ended up dropping out of school at the age of 14 and had multiple jobs afterwards in order to support his family including, schoolmaster, law clerk, and worked with the family business. He was unable to return to school at any point because of financial issues, thus meaning he never attended university. However, by age 18 he had married Anne Hathaway, who at the time was 3 months pregnant.

(Image of William Shakespeare's childhood home)

King's New School


William Shakespeare joined the theatre in his 20's, then starting his career. Around this time, he wrote poems and plays for the Globe Theatre in London. Shakespeare then received Classical Latin education at King's New School in Stratford. After schooling, he worked as an actor, writer, and co-owned 'Lord Chamberlain's Men'. He later wrote and performed comedies, histories, and tragedies.


William Shakespeare had various achievements throughout his life. One of them being his Sonnets. Sonnets are 14 line poems (or approximately 14 lines). The majority of Shakespeare's 154 Sonnets revolved around love and the idea of love. His Sonnets were a big hit that lives on today.


Another one of Shakespeare's many achievements is his plays. Surely, his widely known plays continue to fascinate the world to this day. Plays like "A Midsummer Night's Dream", "Romeo and Juliet", and "MacBeth" are some of his most known plays. His plays have been recreated and brought to life multiple times since his death.


Shakespeare's final achievement is his ongoing fame, centuries later. It is a great achievement to be named the "Greatest Dramatist". It's his themes of treachery, honor, bravery, love, and politics that have intrigued us for centuries.

So, overall, William Shakespeare has made a huge impact on literature known today, and that's why he was a leading figure of the Renaissance. The way he grew up and the way he led his life led to the accomplishment he made. His plays, poems, and sonnets still bring joy, sorrow, anger, and many other emotions to its readers today. That, in itself, is an achievement.

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