Happylife homes House of olivier

My house is automatic, she is like a person, she can make everythink like a human, example the kitchen, the household, the gardening and control the condition air with fan in the top of the house. The house is really big, he have tree in the top of the house, is like if he you have your back yard on your house, he have grass on the house because is more ecologist for the earth. My house have automatic garage, if you press a button on a specific key the door of the garage open automaticly.

A part of my house join a little harbor with a yacht for the family who live in the house. In the yard he have a little lake with a automatic bridge, if you press the button of the bridge, he join the other part of bridge automaticly. The window of the house have the capacity of becaume more or less black depend of the intensity of the light of sun. The electricity of the house comes from solar pannels on the wall or on the top of the house.

My house have security system, if you try to enter by infraction a alarm is trigger and security robot come and take the criminal. The robot go automaticly call the police for stop the criminal.

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