COOL hunting: Cleopatra to afropunk AN ILLUSTRATED SLIDESHOW

By Kathleen McDermott

From August to November 2017, I made a drawing a day and posted them to "My Daily Sketchbook," an on-line portfolio of 100 illustrations exploring history of fashion. There you'll see divas, tiaras, hats, hair-dos, women's history, and more.

20 drawings are presented below in an illustrated slideshow exploring key style-setters from ancient times to present.

View my entire daily drawing portfolio on my Pinterest archive.

Or follow my daily sketches on Instagram.

in Ancient times

Non-Binary in Renaissance Europe

Extreme fashion in 18th century France

Revolution in Hair, 1790s

Exquisite adornment in the Early 19th century

1920s: Revolutionary Hair

1930s: the hat's Greatest Moment

Surreal Wigs of the 1930s

Queenly 1940s Updos

classic Style-setters of the 1960s

absolutely fabulous Black Contemporary

Right Now!

More fashion history at

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