Me? You want to know?

I don't really know who I might be. I'm still a bit confused about it. I remember when I tried to figure myself out in less than an hour. I ended up giving myself a headache and went to the nurse for it. A 3rd grader shouldn't be thinking like that. She's suppose to be thinking about dolls or what's for Christmas stuff like that.

I was a happy kid. Once I entered the 4th grade that's when things went downhill for me. For a little girl it means a lot when friends "leave" or "stop talking to you" because you didn't give them a piece of your chocolate chip cookie during lunch. I was a sensitive kid, not going to lie.

I remember my first fight. The whole class went to the beach for a science experiment with sand. We had to collect wet sand, dry sand, and some plants to figure out how they grow with salt water. A kid from my class was bothering me. I had already collected my sand and plants. He poured sand down my back and into my hair. I got mad so I took hold of some sand and shoved it down his throat. So they called my mom I got suspended and didn't give a shit after that.

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