The Effects of Videogames By Derek crites

posture has been a problem for a long time the particular problem I am talking about is called forward head posture, and we see this very prominently in today's youth due to phone games and bad sitting posture while at the desk.
(upper left, Troyer my friend-upper right, Clayton my brother-lower, Adam my friend) As you can see in the upper left and right Troyer and clayton have very poor posture Clayton has more of a forward head rounded shoulder posture, whereas Troyer has more of a slouch with slightly dropped shoulders. And the bottom picture Adam has the best posture he claims it is because he takes the arms off the chair. whe

When talking to Adam I asked him 3 questions, 1 why do you play videogames? 2 what do you enjoy most and what do you dislike most about the nature of video games? 3 how do you think video games have physically affected you?

These are his answers :

1. "I play games because they are a fun hobby when the weather outside isn't good. I grew up playing games with online communities that were always fun to be with and challenged me to get better."

2. "I enjoy the competition the most. A study came out a number of years ago, not sure if its still accurate, that suggested that cyber-athletes do experience the same amount of adrenaline as normal athletes, but not for as extended periods of time. To me, as not a very athletic person, feeling that much adrenaline while sitting and not moving is super intense and fun and pushes me to be better than my best self. I dislike parts of the online communities where you tend to find people who are just plain mean to others. It doesn't show very good sportsmanship and its a drag to be around those types of people."

3, "Positive effects,it did help me increase my typing abilities, processing, reaction times, and logic abilities. I think the most negative impact physically its had is that over the years I have become more near-sighted."

bright screens are often a problem especially in dark environments the blue light emitted from screens it messes with sleep cycles and causes longer term eye problems.
This is my fried Noland on the left he is playing Xbox one and on the right he is playing PC while talking to Nolan I asked him the same three questions I asked Adam and here are his answers

1. "I play video game's for a great many reason's I suppose I should just share a few. one of those many reason's is that I have been infatuated with video game's since a young boy, ever since I laid my hands on a Game Boy I could not and most definitely would not let it go. To cut it short I grew up playing video game's.Escaping reality is easy work when you have video game's at your disposal, another reason I play so frequently.I see it as controlled dreaming if you will, these game's are in my mind extraordinary works of art. You are literally stepping into a world built by the idea's of hundreds of people. Where the f*** els you gonna do that. who doesn't like dreaming? Now i would not be on the damn Xbox so much if it were not for my friends, over the years the online gaming community has grown quite large. It's moving towards being something nearly as big as facebook, do you know how many youtuber's out there just playing game's while adding a few comments here and there."

2."The thing that I love the most about video game's is the stories, i get goose bumps when I'm playing a game worth while. I am unable to put in words the emotional experience I have with video game's. It's something you must experience for yourself. The thing I hate most about video game's is that they make time go so fast and I hate it when it does that."

3. "positive physical effect of video game's, my fingers are pretty quick now you can probably figure out what's good with that. Negative physical effect, my eye's are very sensitive to light nowadays it hurt's to look at almost any screen which i unfortunately do constantly"

This is me and my girlfriend (Megan) her and I play WOW ( world of warcraft ) together ans well as Over Watch

When I asked Megan the same Three questions her answers are as follows

1 "For me, video games serve a similar purpose as reading fiction. They allow me to withdraw from the present in a socially acceptable manner and immerse myself in a reality where there are no dire needs or pressing responsibilities. Here I can be whomever I please, do whatever I please, with no consequence. Particularly for an introvert, today's fast-paced society can be draining in the extreme. Time in solitude without the pressure of companionship or work (often they feel the same), I can empty my mind for a while and simply be and enjoy. Different than reading, however, video games offer me a choice of the company of another human mind. With novels, it's forever just the author and yourself, more often just yourself. Whether physically present or across the globe, games offer you with the ability to invite another human soul into this world you're building and experiencing. The beautiful part, however, is that this remains a choice. I can still play alone, just as I read alone. I often do. Sometimes playing with others I don't know serves the same purpose as playing alone. Nonetheless, the option remains open to me. I decide with whom and when I play with other people."

2- " I enjoy the choice, freedom of path, and creation in the games that I play. I'm not constrained by story line, specific goals, or expectations. I can simply goof around endlessly or I can set goals for myself and pursue then relentlessly. Both have merit."

3- "Negative- I often find myself so immersed in games (and novels) that I forget to feed and hydrate myself for hours on end. Obviously, during these long stretches, I'm not exercising either. Nor am I sleeping. The end result can be a grumpy, hangry, stiff, and restless me. At times, I experience eye strain from prolonged periods of screen use (no more so, however than from prolonged periods of homework!). Positive- Upon concluding a session of games, I tend to find myself mentally refreshed and ready to participate, once more, in whatever activity I left or perhaps to interact with people again. I feel energized and eager to pursue a new task."

This is Adam and Irene they play games together as a couple, and with me .

This is me playing Xbox One with poor posture.

The reason I chose to add this picture is because karpaltunnel is a big problem amongst gamers especially PC gamers.
This is my WOW character


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