BYOD...With Care How to have student use technology without losing your mind

Benefits of Bring Your Own Device

With technology development, companies are able to replace physical textbooks with digital ones, keeping waste out of landfills. BYOD makes it easier to deliver and receive content while being for efficient for both teacher and student. BYOD policies also save schools and institutions money as they are not having to purchase devices for everyone.

"Jackson et al. (Jackson et al. 2006) found that school age children who used the Internet for educational enhancement performed better on classwork and testing than did children who did not use it as frequently..." (Pierce & Cleary, 2014)

Drawbacks to Bring Your Own Device

A few drawbacks to BYOD policies: students distracted by the technology, multi-tasking is not real, internet security and safety issues, and access (or lack of access) for all students.

"Research says that about 5% of us multitask effectively"(Weimer).


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