Basic High School Yearbooks 1989-1992

Green Valley High School Faculty Photo 2007

Basic Academy of International Studies


International Baccalaureate

"Rising tide lifts all boats"

Role of an Assistant Principal: Instruction

Expect it and Inspect it.

Model it and develop it.

Build relationships that allow for discussion, correction, and direction.

Role of Assistant Principal: Athletics

Eligibility, buses, coaches, banquets, tryouts, schedules, gate and concession receipts, paperwork, parents...

Work with student leadership, the teams, and clubs to promote the teams, their games, and school spirit.

This way admin, staff, and students can take pride in the school and cheer on the Wolfpack!

Role of Assistant Principal: Facilities

Scheduling the facility: Coaches, activity advisors, admin and others have calendars submitted the previous school year, ensure facility request permits for community groups to utilize the campus are submitted, encourage students, faculty, and staff to use the facilities and work with them to make their requests possible.

Maintenance: Up to code, damages and wear and tear fixed quickly, no hazardous materials, and foster a relationship with facilities representative from the district.

Clean campus: Know the campus well, work closely with custodians, and encourage staff and students to take pride in the campus.

Role of Assistant Principal: Climate and Culture

Building relationships: Getting to know faculty, students and community members, speak to them respectfully and from an understanding and helpful direction, work with them to enable cooperation and improvement.

Supervision: Ensure a safe environment with a focus on learning, let people see that you care and that it is important to you, encourage others to do the same.

Build community partnerships: Work with community to find out out of the box ways to benefit the school.

Build a culture of success: Combine academics, athletics, activities and the arts with community involvement and a safe campus to help stakeholders to believe in themselves and in the school.


Operation Respect Welcoming Schools committee: Founding member and three year chair, grew the committee from 5 to 12 members, and planned and oversaw creation of curriculum for and implemented advisory period.

So Uncool: Grew out of OR/WS. Worked with R&R Partners to secure $30,000 donation of time, materials and money. The program won the "Every Day Hero Award" from the American Red Cross in 2016.

STARON: Temporary Educational Placement, an on campus behavior school, reduced expulsions to 0, behavior school referrals to 2, and suspensions to a fraction of what they were the year prior.

Athletics: Ice cream socials, spectator buses, and pep rallies to get students to the games, creation of a fight song, got a pep band to the home games, and started and lead a drum-line during 6th period of big games.

Be you... Be Strong... Be Great

Relationships: Building trust, supporting students, staff, and community members, helping out, and caring.

Working hard: Be there, take time, make sure it's correct, contribute ideas, support coworker's efforts, and ask questions.

Creativity: Find a way to get it done, where there's a will there's a way, think outside of the box, work with others, and build a community of thinkers and doers.

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