Arctic and Hudson Bay Lowlands By Bella, Cassidy, Sami, Ben

Physical Geography: The Hudson Bay is the second largest bay in the world. The area was completely covered in ice during the last ice age. Both bogs and fens cover much of the landscape. During winter the bay freezes over again. The entire area drains into the bay through rivers, such as Churchill, Severn and Attawapiskat.
Climate: Winters are cold and and long, summers are cool and short. Warming and cooling is impacted by the surrounding water’s temperature. These lowlands’ typical climate is self-cooling, however, in recent years, the arctic climate has rapidly warmed. This has had repercussions on the ecosystem, as it struggles to adapt to the new climate.
Language: The three main languages are Inuktitut, French, and English. The native people obviously influenced the language spoken within the region, and new settlers brought French and English to also be widely recognized.
Attractions: Most people come to the lowlands to observe the wildlife. One of the most prominent he polar bears, one of which is pictured here. Wapusk National Park, situated on the bay's shore, is home to one of the largest polar bear habitats in the world.
This map shows the Arctic and Hudson Bay Lowlands within the province of Ontario, reaching into Manitoba and Quebec.
Through this closer look at the Hudson Bay and the area it occupies, we can see the vastness of the Bay and the multiple provinces it touches.
Obstacles and Challenges: Mobility challenges that travelers would encounter within the lowlands are swamps that reach waist high with water and mud, and potentially aggressive wildlife such as polar bears and elk. Just be careful as to where you walk!
Transport and Accommodations: To make your way through the lowlands themselves, one would have to use the waterways. This means that kayaks, canoes, and white water kayaks are in high demand to increase mobility. The closest places to find a place to sleep for the night would be in the cities of Peawanuck, Whale Cove, and Inukjuak, situated on various sides of the lowlands.

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