SCRUB OAK Nereyda Cintron, Maria Castillo

The Scrub Oak is a producer so it gets its energy from the sun, its scientific name is Quercus Ilicifolia, they also are know like Bear Oak. there are other organisms that would eat the Scrub Oak tree for example Deer's, Squirrels , Chipmunks, Flying squirrels , and other organisms.
They are about 6m (20 feet) tall. In California the Scrub Oak are 2.5m (8 feet) tall , and with the leaves 2.5cm (1 inch) long. The rocky mountain Scrub Oak is up to 9m (30 feet) tall.
There is about 600 different species of oaks .They grow well in a tropical temperature you can fount them in Asia and in North America.

This is video about the Scrub Oak


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