Lessons hidden in the alchemist by shelby young

“there must be a language that doesn’t depend upon words the boy thought” (coelho 57)

Santiago made this thought to himself early in the book, foreshadowing the idea of an universal language that requires no physical words. The fact Santiago was able to think this to himself, before any the ideas of Alchemy was presented to him reflects how his intuition is connected with the rest of the world. He was able to think of this concept through his own observation from his sheep he looked after, realizing he can communicate with them and read their thoughts through their actions. The idea of this universal language was very important in this book, it was brought up throughout the novel. The idea sufficient because the it was connect to the soul of world, omens and important to reading characters in the novel. The skill was natural instinct of Santiago but he was able to improve his ability to recognize the soul of the world and omens.

The soul of the world in this novel it was presented in a very abstract way, and as well as the universal language. However even if the some of the ideas in this book was a bit of a stretch the concept of a language without words isn't entirely a made up concept. Granted I don’t think everybody can look into the eyes of someone and read them, but I can strongly say I’ve seen close friends communicate without talking, and be able to read each other emotions through actions, expression or body language other than speaking to each other. Someone can have a strong intuition and be able to read, or infer the outcome of situation through their own gut feelings or realizing patterns in someone's actions. One more simple example is animals, or a connection with house pet, they can't talk to you but one can recognise when an animal is in distress, hungry or scared but its eyes and body language or the overall attitude it is putting off.

The language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding their heart it was love¨. (coelho 88)¨

In this book Santiago had to love interests. Both were based off very little interactions between Santiago and them.But he still wanted to marry both at some point. The first girl was a merchant daughter, he got to see once year when he went to sell his sheeps wool. She was described as a beautiful young girl but nothing else. He had no real idea of her personality or her story. He really only knew who her father was, but wasn't necessarily close to him so they both could be considered strangers to some extent. But he did dream of marrying her, but his hopes of this got discouraged when someone brought to his attention no one wants their daughter to marry a nomad shepherd.The next girl he met was another love at first sight situation. He met a beautiful, mysterious young girl in the oasis. One difference between the two girls this one showed a mutual interest in Santiago. He also was able to talk to her, but even before that they talked they showed an interest in each other which later turned into a genuine connection. What love is is a lesson I recognized in this book. The young desert girl told Santiago she would wait for him to return from his journey, she was willing to sacrifice telling him to stay. And she didn't want him to stay behind, even though that's what he wanted too. But she pushed him to go and the Alchemist even told Santiago real love will wait for you to pursue his dreams and want him to achieve them.

People say love is what connects people, helps them relate to people. Love is something your understanding of will grow as you do. But everybody is capable of this feeling, regardless if it's the feeling of being in love with another person or love for someone. It can even put towards a car, animal or any inanimate object really. Santiago i is a young character in this book and has a vague understanding of love. But as the story progresses and his character builds so does understanding of love. And I believe that a very real situation and that understanding of love is happening everyday to so many different people.

¨This fear evaporates when we understand that our life stories and the history of the world is written by the same hand¨. (coelho 99)

Santiago had to conquer many things in this book, and seemed to be on a never ending journey. Something that was brought up many times in this book was that everything is connected in the world. Ranging from crystals to vegetables. So everything making up the soul of the world means it's all the same thing. Created by each other and building off each other. He had to learn to let go of doubts and his own fear. Once he was able to get over these negative thoughts and feelings he was able to continue his journey with a clear head and a confident and positive attitude, that helped him achieve his personal legend.

Letting go of fear is very difficult and hard to do. Fear can be someone's ultimate obstacle, and the biggest thing holding them back from pursuing their dreams, or reaching their full potential. Accepting that the world will work with you is also a hard concept to believe when people are use to thinking it works against them. But once people accept this with their heart it will be so much easier to reach their goals.

¨No heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams¨ (coelho 67)

This was a lesson to Santiago. He was fearful of failing and doing all these great tasks and challenges for nothing. But the alchemist told him this. Santiago had many doubts in this book, he had to let go these. He even needed to be reminded that even following dreams is very important, to yourself and your heart. And even if they are not achieved you will know you tired and so will the soul of the world. Your heart will also be so happy with the experience it will not be heartbroken if they don't follow through and you shouldn’t be upset at yourself for trying and learn not to be sad.

Accepting that you might fail is a big step of self awareness. Being aware of your strengths, fears, and surrounds was a very important aspect to this book. Not only was Santiago tested on all these throughout the book. He needed to tested one of the hardest things to do. Knowing that if you fall, and you can get up should give you more a reason to jump higher. To not be worried about the possibility of failing but still pursuing your dreams with all your heart, will and abilities.

¨All this happened for one basic reason: no matter how many detours and adjustments it makes, the caravan moved towards the same compass point¨. (coelho 77)

This was another observation Santiago made. At this point in the book his connection to the soul of the world, and intuition in reading people and things had grown so much. He was keeping a very positive outlook while traveling with the caravan and the english man. I think he thought of this not only because of the obstacles the caravan faced but reflecting on his own problems. All the mountains he had to climb over and conquer. He had to be knocked down many times before he was able to stand very tall and see all his dreams.

If you want achieve great things you need to have your set goal in mind. Putting all of your effort can be very exhausting and draining. Then not seeing results can be very discouraging, and there for making someones wanting to either put less effort in the steps to achieve the goal. Or even taking the passion and attachment to the goal idea to prevent themselves form being disappointed from the end result. But as Santiago learned over and over again it is key to to remember this on his journey. Everyone should no that to achieve something great, there will be no free hand outs. You should always be prepared for obstacles but still knowing you are to able to move toward even if it want they way you wanted, or planned.

“Every search begins with beginner's luck. And every search ends with the victors being severely tested¨. (coelho 55)

Even though Santiago didn't believe at first he started put with luck, toward the end of the book he was able to reflect on everything good that happened to him and pushed him forward. In the beginning it was easy for him to stay focused on the negatives. Like his money being stolen, the merchant never wanting to pursue his dreams. Losing his flock, never seeing the merchants daughter again, tribe wars, the english man being very distracted and wanting ti learn alchemy for no the right reasons. When all these things happened at first he wasn't thinking about the extra steps he had to take to fins hid treasure . He was thinking that the world was working against him, and maybe it didn't want him achieve his personal legend. But as he learned more about how the soul of the world works in everything, and understood not everything will work put perfectly because thats not the reality of the world. He realizes how necessary all the extra steps were and how each and everyone of them helped grow as a person and expand his understanding for the world.

Everyone has dreams they have but think they will never achieve. If its because they don't think they are cable of doing it or reluctant to put in all the work it requires. Others will try, half heartedly and be disappointed with slow results or no results. Or maybe it not turning out exactly they way the imagined. Then there are the people that will not accept that their is a processes ands steps and obstacles you must over come to reach their goal. Not wanting to take the steps to reach the goal and become resentful because the world or people aren't just handing them want they want. But once one realizes there will be challenges to reach the ultimate goal and are prepared to face them it can lead them to achieve their goal. If someone isn't willing to work for their dreams, it wasn't something they wanted with everything they have. And if someone wasn't to live out their dreams but wasn't passionate about it they could end up resenting their dreams, or themselves for the rest of their life.


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