Hate Crimes Rise Since Election Review over "The Crucible" Presentation made by Mackenzie Thomas

On November 8th of 2016, votes for the president were sent in from millions of people living in the United States. It was found that candidate Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and Trump had won overall due to the Electoral College. After Trump winning, people went crazy. Starting riots and protesting against Trump's win. During his campaign Trump had said rude things, hurting people's feelings, and judged people with disables, and those of different races. Since his win people have started their own hating on those of different color, religion, and their background. Hate crimes have rise in huge amounts. In towns, schools, allover. Over 400 hate crimes have been report, just in the few weeks after the election.

Hate crimes are not a new thing for us humans. All over in the past types of hate crimes have shown up. Just like now the idea of hating on others repeats itself. In the year 1692, people of Salem, Massachusetts out of fear, pointed fingers at those that were poor, that in their eyes were not real "humans" , and women. A large amount of those who died during the trails were female. These people were pointed out because of their personality, and even their gender. Just like in the play, The crucible, the first few women to be accused of being witches were those that were less fortune. They did not have much money. Many of those in the town were happy to see them people die because they would not miss them. Today, people are pointed out for many of the same reasons, and many more things play in the rile of they being picked of. Their religion, beliefs, and even the color of their skin play a huge role in them being picked out. Just the hate crimes today, people have been called names, and hated on for their color, religion, and beliefs. In The Crucible people were picked out for the same reasons. People were even killed over something that people thought to be true. They just believed that since other told them, it had to be true.

During the Salem Witch Trails 20 people died, 14 of those were women, all died by hanging but one. Giles Corey, was the only one in the witch trails to die by being crushed to death by rocks. They had happened since he refused to say weather or not he was guilty for witchcraft.

During the Crucible, the people of Salem believed the affiliated girls. This included about 12 girls, one being Abigail Williams. She was the leader of the girls, and was very self-centered. People took these girls for their word, and many died. Today, just because of Trump saying what he has, people believe him. That these people he picks out are bad people. That they need to be sent away. That they are bad in the view of God, of just the human race. Here is where history repeats itself. People tend to follow people that go against others. The same kind of thing happened during the Holocaust. Jews were taken away, because in the eyes of Hitler, they were bad people. The hate crimes since the election have rose in large amounts. Most of this hate is towards those considered Muslims, Mexicans and blacks. Since trump want these people out and even said he would build a wall to keep them out, people have gone crazy and are willing to stand on Trump's side.

The Crucible was a play written by Arthur Miller, it was first preformed in the year of 1953. This play takes place in a Salem colony in the year of 1692, during this year lots of tragedy would unfold. Including death of 20 people, and lots in jail. During the play, Arthur makes up his who view of those during that time period. Abigail Williams, one of the affiliated girls, is the one to have called people out for being with the devil. This even included Mr. John Proctor's wife, many believed she did such a thing because she loved John and wanted to take his wife's spot. In real life this love story never happened, but it adds spice to the story. In The Crucible, Abigail along with the other girls pointed people for attention, and because they knew those of the town would believe they. Back then, the people of Salem were true believers of the devil, and witches. Being very influenced all around, they lost their heads, and killed people accused. Just like today, people are influence by trump and what he has said.

How does does race play such a huge role in both the Hate crimes of today, and The Crucible? Today the color of your skin is huge. it makes the world a worst place. In the play The Crucible, and the real Salem Witch Trails, Tituba, the salve of the Parris family was looked down on. She was blamed for much that happened in the household. In the play, she had become worried when Betty became ill. She was nervous that she would be blamed for such a thing because of her race. Tituba was one of the first to be blamed for witchcraft. She was threaten to be killed, and beaten till she confused to making witch cake. To everyone in the town of Salem found out about the dances, and singing Tituba did, everyone started hating on her. This was because they did not realize that this was her religion, and where she is from it is normal. In their eyes, it was witchcraft. Today, many see something different in someones background and they point the hate card at them. Just like back in 1692.

Hate crimes have been over forever. It was what drove The Holocaust, The Salem Witch Trails, and now today's hate crimes against those of different races. It is time for change. Time to love everyone for who they are. No matter the color of their skin, background, gender, and much more. we need to make the Earth a better place. Replace all the hate with love.

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