About - below you will see a list of all the activities Mrs. Richardson Preschool class is doing at Carroll Christian Schools

Ocean week!
Fun outside!
Outer space week!
learning about bugs
We love you dad!
Arts and Crafts
Learning about farms
we talked about baby birds and caterpillars, seeds and blooming flowers.
Valentines day crafts!
Out for a walk
Playing with toys!
Arts and crafts!
We had a “beary” fun week!
We had a “beary” fun week!
Burr its cold outside!
We love to to do art!
Arts and crafts!
Lets play!
spirit week 2018!
Christmas crafts!
Christmas cookies!
countdown to Christmas!
“It’s so much fun exploring with our senses!”
Learning our five senses!
Thanking God for all His blessings!
Happy Thanksgiving!
“Goldilocks and the Three Bears.”
“Look! It’s Little Red Riding Hood!”
“The wolf huffed and puffed, but he could not blow the brick house down!”
“Run, run, as fast as you can, Gingerbread Man!”
Pets Week!
Pets week!
Yay for swings!
God is good
Learning about Farms!
Grandparents day!
Soccer day!
Football Day!
Basketball Day!
Playing with slime!
Learning about fall!
Having fun with friends!
I love reading!
Learning about our fruits and vegetables1
K2- Fun outside
K2- Look at those smiles!
K2- "i'll help you"
K2- Learning about firefighters
K2- Time out for ABC's
K2- Fun with friends!
K2- Learning about Animals!
K2- Look who it is!
K2- Fun in the sun!
K2- What came first?
K2- Putting Humpty back together again!
K2- Reading with a friend!
K2- Sorting sheep.
Look! It's a family!
God gave us eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, noses for smelling, and a mouth for tasting (and singing!).
God made us special!
What is YOUR favorite animal?

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