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if the book was to be made into a movie,i would choose Jason Statham to represent Injun Joe.

Jason Statham is a very good actor.He played on amazing movies like furious 7 or the transporter. He is of nationality Brithis and he is 49 years old.Jason gonna play in fast 8. He usually performs his own stage combat and stunts and his noted for being typecast as an antihero . Jason Statham is doing voiced performances in video games too.

If the adventures of Tom Sawyer was a movie , iwould choose Jason Stathamto represent Injun Joe . I would take him because like Injun Joe ,he is very mysterious and a bad guy in his movies roles .Jason get used to be an antihero in his movies and in the book, the biggest antihero and bad guy is Injun Joe .In the book ,Injun Joe was involved into a fight and jason statham usually performs his own stage combat and stunts , he doesn't have a stand-in .In many roles that Jason is playing , he is not afraid to kill people. This is great because in the adventures of Tom Sawyer , Injun Joe kill the doctor Robinson

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