Imperialism Kitahna Christensen

Imperialism began in the 1870's, it is when a stronger country takes over a weaker country. Imperialism was used by many to expand their empire.

Imperialism is viewed in many different ways, but without Britain's imperialism America wouldn't be here today.

Imperialism in Africa

In the 1870's the Belgian King traded goods with Africa. Most of the countries in Europe took over Africa because they had more dominant powers. Europe wanted to take over Africa because of the slaves. By 1900 over 90 percent of Africa was in Europe's control because they had more power and higher government's than the African country.

Imperialism in China

Britain took over China in the nineteenth century mainly because it was economic. Britain needed many supplies that China had and they wouldn't give it up. Britain had control but not enough to take over China. Although, they never did take over China, the political legacy that it left is still evident today.

Imperialism in America

The United States took control over Hawaii to make it one of the 50 states. They were able to take Hawaii over because the Monarchy was overthrown, two years later the United States took it over as the 50th state because they had a stronger government while Hawaii didn't even have one at this time.

Imperialism in France

In 1893 the Ivory Coast was made part of France's colony. France took over many countries because they needed to make a political comeback and gain back what they had lost. They were dominated and needed their natural resources so they ended up taking over the Ivory Coast.

Many people did not like the idea of Imperialism but it was used around the whole world with dominant and less dominant countries.

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