Home, Sweet Florida By Lydia Giesey

In 1920, Florida was quickly rising in both prosperity and popularity (in terms of real estate). Many Americans began looking to it for their very own slice of paradise; be it for vacationing or permanent residence. The population of Miami alone jumped 40% in the span of five years. This was due to a number of reasons, including:

The climate.
The invention of cars, which were becoming more and more common among Americans.
The concept of "Coolidge Prosperity". Because President Calvin Coolidge successfully balanced the federal budget, Americans were in an era of confidence and Good Times in terms of the economy.
Southern California was on it's way out in terms of the number one tropical paradise, mainly because it was too far away for east-coasters to vacation at.

There was also a sort-of hypocritical idea that contradicted the idolization of big urbanized cities that was typical of the time; some Americans rejected the very industrial capitalism they benefited from, and desired to live in a simpler area, such as the countryside or, say, the great state of Florida

Basically, everything was cool and groovy in the Sunshine state. Below is a video clip of some Florida vacation-goers in 1924

But everything that goes up must come down. Although musician Tramar Dillard once said, "Gotta love the life that we livin' [here in Florida because of the wonderful weather and business opportunities]", the Floridian utopia would come to a close.

In 1926 it was evident that a bubble over the Florida land had been formed, and it would very soon pop. Investors and buyers alike saw the price of real estate was based off of expected customers and not any real value. To make matters worse, two separate hurricanes-one in Miami and one in Okeechobee-hit Florida, wreaking havoc on what was once the land of tropical bliss.

Thus, the bubble popped, leaving behind a desolate area and a basically ruined economy until the second World War.


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