Vegetarians in College the benefits and importance of cutting out red meat

Becoming a vegetarian and stopping the constant consumption of red meats have many health benefits, not only to a persons health, but their happiness as well.

One health benefit to cutting out red meat from the diet and switching to a vegetarian diet would be a lowered risk of becoming a diabetic.

Also, heart disease and some forms of cancer has been linked back to the excessive consumption of red meats. So by being a vegetarian, these risks caused by red meats would be lowered tremendously.

I myself am not a vegetarian, however I would not be opposed to becoming one if there were more vegetarian options in college dining halls.

If colleges go mainly vegetarian, the millennial of the world could spark a change by understanding the health benefits of eating healthier foods and less fatty red meats.

Then ideally they could influence others around them to do the same. If this change is made in colleges, the people of the world could be happier and healthier in the future.


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