Performance task By: Israel Oblia

You get what you vote for.

The first reason why we should support the constitution is because the constitution would bring up the weakness by creating more strong union of states. The constitution would bring the states into one single country to make a strong government. And lastly the powers given to the government would be limited and will not take away their freedom.

So let's say that British is coming and fighting us again we will be weak cause we are our own separate states and we loose the battle because none of the states want to fight them. Now if we were all together the states would be joined and we have 1 army. The government if we didn't have some of the rules or something wouldn't even exist if we don't have them we don't have the army or the store they find out what the country has to do and how to solve problems. If the goverment has so much power then it would be better off going back to British rules because then they could make up every law just add more and more rules and would be more than dictatorship then a group of states.

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