Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH By Corey Pineiro

Introduction: Growing up, I never really enjoyed the outdoors and nature very much. I played sports and went to the park, but when it came to camping and trekking into the woods I usually shied away from the offers. My tour of the FLMNH, however, helped me better appreciate nature and what is means to enjoy the outdoors. Also, staff was excellent! They enhanced my experience as well by personally explaining many of the exhibits to me and what they are meant to portray. I will absolutely be returning the take another tour of the place!

"The Pleistocene Fossils"

Nature on Display: "The Pleistocene Fossils" exhibit was one of the most immersive exhibits I have ever seen. While walking INSIDE of an authentic cave, their is extensive information of the many different fossils, caves, cave drawings, and living things that are all important aspects of the caves and the history of our Earth. The design of the exhibit is what separates it from others. Not many informational artworks allow you to actually walk inside of a cave and experience the art from inside. I learned from the exhibit that there were many living things that came before us that had much simpler lives than the lives we are living now, which is really an eye-opening experience.

"Canopy to Floor"

Nature and Ethics: "Canopy to Floor" was another exhibit that inspired me to appreciate nature. Leopold hit it right on the head when he claimed that conservation efforts are doomed if to fail unless we learn to appreciate the land for more than just money. This exhibit helped me recognize the beauty of nature that is being destroyed by our race. As I looks at the artwork I saw the little animals that called the canopy their home, and I began to think about all of the ways human have destroyed their homes for economic gain. It is truly disgusting to think about. My friend that accompanied me on the tour was also in awe as he appreciated the exhibit. We both spoke about what we can do as individuals to help save the Earth and hope that we can make a difference. All thanks to the great experience we received at the FLMNH!

"Calusa Society Exhibit"

Nature and the Human Spirit: Reading about the Calusa Society in a history book pales in comparison to learning about it in an immersive art exhibit! By experiencing this exhibit in person, I was able to connect with the society much better. I could visualize what they looked like with the help of the realistic replicas of their people and I could see the everyday tools and things that they used by looking at the cases on display. By learning more about the Calusa Society, a society that was based on two social classes, hospitality, religion, and overall healthy, enjoyable lives, I was able to connect with the majesty of the Universe and understand our history better.

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